Chance Trahan


The reason I am putting myself out there for either or is because I am determined to seek justice one way or the other for the Las Vegas shooting, in fact, I actually seek justice for the last 30 years of mass shootings that are being administered by corrupt politicians(NOT BY NRA, NOT BY INSANE PEOPLE, BUT BY INSANE POLITICAL FIGURES AND THEIR BIG SPECIAL INTEREST BANK ACCOUNTS). ALLOW ME TO REPHRASE THIS... I'M SO CONFIDENT THAT I COULD DO BOTH JOBS THAT I'M RUNNING FOR BOTH! If we do nothing while the United States of America keeps becoming the victims of special interest politicians, I am afraid of what will come. Our nation's challenges will just keep piling up and up and up. America's special interest President, Donald J. Trump is a perfect example of who's in office. We voted for him only for him to fall short on promises and allow attacks like the Las Vegas shooting to go on all on his watch, and with my knowledge of politics, a seat as Senator, and my no-tolerance attitude, that's exactly what you're going to get. Less special interest politicians like John Mccain running the show and calling the shots.

Donald Trump's allegiance is not palpable, he claims to be a conservative that we can count on, but his actions and negligence speak otherwise. Trump's actions have a voice much louder than his empty promises. What We The People need from the Senator is someone who not only knows first hand the constant threats our nation is facing, but also someone who is actually going to do something about it.

That's why I'm running for United States Senate

so criminals like Joe Arpaio do not further destroy our country anymore than he's already destroyed the state of Ariona.

Going up against Mccain ain't easy, and that's why I am asking for your help this early on in the game. Because I'm not going to do just like the rest of congress, and just sit back and do nothing knowing that the generations that are to come will inherit a country that's currently being pillaged by the crooks inserting themselves in the most important, powerful, and high-up positions. I pray for you just like I pray for myself, with a good heart and a sound mind. My campaign depends on your assistance, and so does the rest of America. Can I count on your help?