Describing what Psychic Soldier sounds like to someone isn't easy. While some compare it to Hollywood Undead, others say it sounds like Linkin Park meets Prodigy. There are many different influences that went into making the Psychic Soldier sound. Most people say that its beats are the most original composition they've ever heard.


Creating passionately intense detailed products... Currently based out of Juneau, Chance has, according to his most loyal fans, consistently stayed true to his sound by producing music that's all his own with grinding alternative-trap-metal beats that are closely accompanied by haunting vocal tones and is then shadowed by its chillingly thought-provoking lyrics. Chance's lyrics to his songs are best described by Chance's fans as "a tie to everything we believe." The songs that make up the Psychic Soldier atmosphere push the boundaries of what music could be, and still it stays very true to the core sound of his music, just as it should.

"Making this album series is my greatest accomplishment in the music industry. This is the first album I've made that's ever started selling itself. This album seems to do all the talking for me, and I hope so because I'm pouring my heart into every one of these songs. I always wanted to stick it to pop music, and this could be the very album that does just that." - Chance Trahan

Psychic Soldier is best described as if Celldweller, Linkin Park, Hollywood Undead, Slipknot, Timbaland, Xzibit, Flo Rida, and 2 Pac all got together and made a trap album. While the entire Psychic Soldier album is a constant mashup of synergies touching down on the atmospheric horizons of several genres, the sound weaves a captivating tale that still heavily relies on the sonic pulse of futuristic trap beats.

Vocals, Beats, Programming, Production | Chance Trahan