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Walk Away

"Walk Away" written and performed by Chance Trahan

Posted by Chance Trahan on Monday, May 18, 2015

Chance Trahan

Chance Trahan is an author, hailing from Jennings, Louisiana, Chance now lives in the Wild Wild West dominating the music scene on the regular. Chance is a resident performer in places such as; Fiddler's Dream and Desert Ridge. You can also find Chance Trahan performing regularly on YouTube. Chance Trahan is a high-profile personality with ties to entrepreneurs like Daymond John, personalities such as Montel Williams, A&E's Big Smo, Flipping Vegas, and much, much more.

Chance Trahan is a life coach, musician, web developer, graphics designer, intuitive medium, among many other things. He is often seen around Phoenix playing live shows, giving public speeches, and volunteering at Toastmasters. Chance specializes in fields such as Social Media Networking, Celebrity Alignment, Book Publishing, Fashion Design, Freelance Photography, Business, and Music Production.

Chance is rather business savvy in the music industry and is well known among his peers and social surroundings. He has a knack for understanding business and economics and is a regular fan of shows like Shark Tank, The Profit, and Bar Rescue. His favorite sports teams are the New Orleans Saints professional football team, Houston Astros professional baseball team.

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Chance Trahan

Chance Trahan


Chance Trahan's music has moving lyrics and his music is thought provoking. Chance is described as a blank canvas for memories, and his music is described as a tie to everything that we believe.

Chance Trahan has seen his fair share of hardships come and go in the music industry with underground and high-profile acts alike and has done his best to help them along their way. Such music industry acts and experts that Chance has worked with include; Mudvayne, Slipknot, Chimaira, Spineshank, Rick Barker, Grade 8, Sic Inside and many more.

Chance is on a path to greatness with the expression that anything is possible once you put your mind and heart into it. He is out to prove that he knows the music industry and the direction it's headed in. He's writing new music, using his expertise, working towards goals, and giving people a reason to keep coming back for more. In a time where the music industry is rapidly changing, Chance is working relentlessly in order to get his name out there and stay true to himself.

Chance has high hopes for the several artists that he has taken under his wing, and gave them all he could in order to make it in the industry today. Chance taught these artists to improvise and adapt to their surroundings and make the best of each particular situation. Chance still carries on with his own music and is set out for his success using the tactics and skills he's learned along the way.

Making valuable connections in the music and fashion industries, Chance is ready for anything and conquering exactly what he's set out to do. He has no reason to hold back and is giving his talents his all. What's Chance going to do next? Stay tuned to find out and get ready for the ride of your life.


Chance Trahan's acting is extremely moving and captivating. Chance is heralded as one of the greatest actors of his time by everyone who has had the pleasure of working with him or just watching him.

Chance attends acting classes and sees acting coaches regularly. Chance most recently attended Waymire Studio for the Performing Arts, and started out in Drama and Theatre classes in Pearland High School along with Public Speaking courses. Chance also receives regular acting coaching from professional acting coach Matt Kogut.

Chance is described as a chameleon because he can adapt to any acting environment. Chance self-published his own book that is currently undergoing screen-writing. Ninja: The Boundaries Between Bloodlust & Revenge is the first of the Ninja trilogy that Chance is working on. The sequel is also currently underway.

Chance Trahan

Chance Trahan - "Set Me Free" #MusicYou can make believeAnd this I wanna seeYou can be happyI choose it for meI want to know you careSo don't just stareI know you feel for meOpen up and tell meIf you don't then set me freeDon't keep me here waitingI'll always be here for youPlease know that I'll be trueI know that you can seeExactly how I'm feelingIf you feel the sameThat's all you've got to say

Posted by Chance Trahan on Thursday, April 9, 2015