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Chance's life changed as soon as he picked up his first guitar. Little did he know that at the age of 3 what power music has over the world. His sense of music was something he could feel in his soul. The more Chance exlpored music, the more he learned about life. Electronic music inspired Chance and in early 2000 he started producing beats on his own. Chance built his own home studio that he calls Mafia Illuminati where he writes and records all of his own music. His performances are august and his lyrics are fresh and inspiring. With versatile styles, Chance offers a very heart warming experience. And while blending Alternative and Rap styles, he will leave your senses shocked to the core.

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NonPartisan Politican, Chance Trahan is taking a stand against radical islamic terrorism, parental alienation, and our outdated judicial system. Chance received public speaking education starting in high school and opened up many doors for himself in the realm of politics using these skills. Chance applies his own knowledge and experience when it comes to politics, with the leave no man behind philosophy. Any time that he speaks on an issue that he feels passionately about, he has the ability to swing votes when it counts, leaving our states and country in a better position than it was in previously. Chance speaks from the heart while also taking the opportunity to send a firm, yet positive statement about issues that matter most.

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Chance's acting career is just in the beginning steps in a long journey that he is excited to take. Starting out in Drama and Theatre classes in high school, and more recently training with acting coaches and private acting studios, Chance has honed his ability to entertain people and proves it with his most successful YouTube videos. As a YouTube and Funny Or Die sensation, Trahan has used every skills set he has in order to produce raw performances. He took his love for digital media and comedy and put them together to create fan favorites, and hopes to continue to do so in bigger and better platforms for years to come.

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Because Guided Imagery, Hypnotherapy, Massage Therapy & Yoga is what transformed Chance's life, the path of the holistic healer is what spoke his language. Chance received ACCET Life Coaching certification after completing over 20 hours of Holistic Academics, Theory and Practice. While attending school, Chance complimented his Massage Therapy Certification by expanding his psychic clairvoyant abilities. Chance also studied Basic and Breakthrough Leadership courses. Chance chooses to heal others with love, compassion and empathy.

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Chance just released the 'EP' Psychic Soldier on the Google Play Store and it's full of awesome tracks! Chance is proud to release this album after spending many years of honing and crafting his skills that were building up to the album's release. The Psychic Soldier EP is scheduled be released in 9 chapters. Listen to the chapters of The Psychic Soldier album series that have already been released and are available now on the Google Play music store.

Previous albums by Chance include: Kataishin, Shadowar, and Taking Chances. The songs on the previous albums were created over a wide range of dates starting anywhere from 2005-2015. The albums with these archived songs are all available on the Google Play music store. You can listen to clips of the songs there for free and you can also buy the music from the Play Store if you like what you hear.

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Posted by Chance on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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