Chance Trahan presents his words eloquently when public speaking. Making thought provoking points and attention catching phrases, from start to finish, Chance drives ideas all the way home. When he speaks, rooms not only listen, but roar with excitement! With a microphone in hand, Chance has a lot to say. His latest audio recordings prove that with the release of his album titled Psychic Soldier. With that said, Chance creates lots of multimedia and websites.




Chance is an author who has received exclusive 1 on 1 Psychic Awareness training, Tarot Card Reader training, Public Speaker training, Book Publishing training, and Life Coach training as well.

Chance likes to play guitar, draw and tinker with electronics. Some of his hobbies includes playing video games, tweeting, snapchatting, facebook messaging, checking his email, posting on the gram and working on websites and graphic designs. Chance also enjoys photography, art, and design.

Chance Trahan is very creative, and in fact... he's a master creator. (If you're into numerology, Chance is a Double 1) Chance describes this as a blessing and a curse growing up being a master manifestor, because sometimes you can unintentionally manifest bad things that could get you into a lot of trouble.

Could you imagine that? He describes it as being like an X-Men character in real life and not even knowing that you have this gift hidden somewhere in your DNA. Then, all the sudden, it all comes to surface and you can't control it! Even though it was tough, Chance has used his talents to create many great things!



  • Medium

    Medium, Clairvoyant, Psychic – Chance Trahan Chance is an author who has received exclusive 1 on 1 Psychic Awareness training, Tarot Card Reader training, Public Speaker training, Book Publishing training, and Life Coach training. Chance comes from a long family line of Psychics, Clairvoyants and Tarot Readers. This makes Chance Trahan a truy gifted individual […]

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    About My Dad Brad Trahan

    About My Dad Brad Trahan: My dad died last year. He was having surgery and his heart bled out on the operating table. He did hard drugs or drank alcohol every single day, whatever he could get his hands on that day. Whatever he could do, he was all about it, but he was picky. […]

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  • Film Interview

    Chance sat down for an interview and had this to say about one of his upcoming film projects.     Can you name one of your films you’re working on? Well I have 3 that I’m in pre-production for. The first is a movie we’re calling Hustle Hard right now, the name might change. It’s a movie […]

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    Chance Trahan Q&A

    Chance Trahan Chance is a 36 year old multi-talented musician living in Las Vegas, NV. and Chance’s best friend growing up was always his cousin Sean Bolton. These two spend plenty-a-hours cutting up and making jokes. In fact, they have spent so many entertaining hours between the two, that they decided to start working on […]

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  • Vocal Recording Techniques

    Tips & Tricks for Recording Vocals When recording vocals, you’re gonna want your takes to be at their best. I’m going to discuss some tips I use while recording my own vocals! Check them out!   Microphone Techniques   Avoid Popping When pronouncing “P” and “B” sounds, you make a popping sound into the mic. […]

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    About Chance

    Chance Trahan is an author, poet, songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist. In Las Vegas, NV. Chance produces beats and writes metal music too!  Chance likes to cosplay, he’s cosplaying as a G.I.JOE character in this photo. Chance is a live stream broadcaster! You can check him out on LiveMe and LiveStar. Chance is also an actor, director, […]

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  • Psychic Soldier

    Psychic Soldier by Chance Psychic Soldier is an industrial trap album by Chance. Buy Psychic Soldier songs and listen for free at the Psychic Soldier BandCamp page.

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    Build A Home Recording Studio

    HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED: Guitar, Mic, Voice Let’s Make Music Software (LMMS) Audacity Recording Software How to use Audacity How To Play Guitar HERE’S WHAT YOU DO: First you have to get a mic A Blue Snowball Microphone is a very cheap yet high quality option. You can wait for it to go on sale […]

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