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In other words, we do not use cookies, we do not track you, we do not steal your data. We just want you to receive the products you've purchased, and that is our only use for any of your information. After the information is used to deliver your product, your information is then disregarded.

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[Chance will exercise his rights as an individual to protect victimized peoples whom may be effected as a result of.]

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You agree to not use Chance's live events for any false flags, displays of violence, nor any white-collar-schemes. You agree to keep Chance protected if booking him for a live event, this includes from sudden harassment, stalking and violence. You may use Chance's services and products, but we may refuse the rights at any time to do so. You agree to not place any of Chance's products anywhere online for free, not even after purchase. You may tell friends and family about the music, even share a copy with them, but you agree to not mass distribute any of Chance's material online or in person for free. If you want to help promote Chance's products or Services, you can contact Chance anytime!

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