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How to get onto Shark Tank:

Here's the podcast about how to get onto Shark Tank, what exactly they are looking for when applying.

SunStaches Podcast

Here's where to apply:

Apply to Shark Tank Casting

Click the "I accept these terms" check box and it will give you the contact email address.

Just follow the tips for applying and pitching in the podcast and you'll be good to go.

But before you do... make sure you know these things:

  • Your Start up budget
  • Sales projections
  • Cash flow
  • Where you break even
  • Who's gonna buy it & why will they
  • Know your niche completely
  • Show how you're fulfilling a need that is not currently being presented
  • Stay on your niche, not people pleasing
  • Pricing & costs, for production
  • What's your margin mark up
  • What's your financial plan
  • How to get orders, how you can prove it
  • Know exactly what you're asking for... like the amount/evaluation math
  • Show your passion
  • Why is it unique?
  • Show how you cost it out & know it
  • Know the monthly pay out
  • Where's your money coming from?

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If you have any questions, I'm here.

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I believe in you. And secondly, I believe in your products! I want to see you on the show. Remember, the passion is exactly where it's at, but keep in mind you still could have other products to show them. So your main focus is not only your niche, and your personalities, but also your products. So, show why they are needed, why it's making your life easier, and you'll do just fine. Keep in touch, I want to hear your success story!