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The toughest challenge producer, rapper, guitarist, and lyricist Chance had in making the Psychic Soldier EP so far was waiting until he could go for a more pro quality sound from his recordings. He wanted to give his fans something better than he had ever worked on before and made something that he could be proud of putting his name on for the rest of his life. "This generation of listeners need to be subconsciously awakened with each and every sound they hear, putting them into a meditative consciousness. Fans these days just want to reflect on their life and what might be holding them back so that they can break through that wall and live their lives to the fullest extent." The Psychic Soldier album does exactly that.

"It wasn't long until I found the inspiration I needed for my new album." -Chance Trahan, who is the driving force and sole-producer behind Psychic Soldier music.

About Psychic Soldier

Chance's album sparks these emotions and inspirations into people. He intertwined the album with his life coaching skills training in order to produce a most pristine and unique twist to his album that others have never done before. It came to a point in Chance's life, where he had to focus on something positive in order to bring a positive shift into his life. He pumps his sound in a progressive poetic way, enriching each tone and melody with game-changing lyrics.

What Chance Has To Say About Psychic Soldier Music

When Chance Trahan was asked about the Psychic Soldier album sound, and he had this to say, "I was going for a futuristic sound mixed with rap and industrial music. I wanted to give a new genre to my listeners that they have never heard before that I could sound like, while still pulling from influences from bands and rappers like Eminem, Alexander King, Linkin Park, Timbaland, TI, Vanilla Ice and several others. While recording the album (which is still being recorded) I kept a lot of feelings and experiences in mind while trying to remain as uninfluenced as possible by them, I still kept at the core what I hold dear to my heart as influences.

Writing Psychic Soldier

I wrote the instrumentals first, and then the lyrics and then started recording the songs. I have over 15 songs to show off on BandCamp, you should check them out. A lot of people really love them and the best feedback I get about them is that they do not sound like anything else that they have heard before."

Psychic Soldier

Listen to the song White Widow by Chance Trahan from the EP Psychic Soldier

With the music on his EP "Psychic Soldier" Chance hopes to make direct contact with a person's psyche in such a fashion that it inspires others in ways we have never seen before. Trahan set himself up for success by wanting to make this an instrumental meditation album. But this is only the beginning... Chance has big plans for the rerelease of this album which will feature not only the instrumental versions of these songs but also a second disc that has the lyrics as well. He wanted to do something that has never been done before. When Chance Trahan was asked about the recording process, this is what he said, "I used GarageBand, Mac Mini, from home inside my apartment. I use a Blue Snowball microphone and a no-name brand of headphones. I attribute a lot of this sound to GarageBand, it's given me superb quality that I couldn't get on a PC, which I had used for so many years pumping out sub-quality tracks, but with GarageBand I have brought my quality up a lot and am able to produce hit songs with just this setup alone. I wanted to keep this album as electronic as possible, I do play guitar, but I wanted to save all of my riffs for my death metal album that I will be coming out with at a later date. I record everything by myself from home, no help, no one telling me what to do. I prefer it that way because it sounds exactly how I want it to sound and I get to convey the messages that I want to convey without compromise from outside influences. I do get feedback from friends, but I try not to let it influence me in any way other than just the quality of the vocals."

Listen to the song White Wolf by Chance Trahan from the EP Psychic Soldier

What Chance Does

Chance Trahan first listed his album for sale via the Google Play Music Store, and plans to expand his sales through several other media distribution outlets through the use of aggregators. He typically avoids the use of an aggregator to distribute his music because he likes to handle the distribution himself to ensure it is properly represented in each and every store it is listed in. Not only that, but most aggregators double list in the stores you are already listing the same albums in, and the aggregator is responsible for your funds. In other words, the aggregator receives the money before you do, which Chance does not like. Chance likes to be in control of his assets and wants to make sure everything is properly handled to ensure accuracy, because he has seen what has happened in the past, where aggregators do not even offer a biography about the artist or the music they are hearing, and this can be very frustrating to an independent artist when they see that they are not being properly represented and that the information provided about them does not exist, or another artist is getting credit for all the hard work they put into their music.

Mafia Illuminati Recordings

When Chance Trahan was asked about his location, his history and his accomplishments that led him to the creation of this album, this is what he had to say... "Well, I live in Downtown Summerlin and record from my recording studio, Mafia Illuminati, which consists of a Mac computer, and a mic. I was previously located in Phoenix, Arizona in the Biltmore/Arcadia area. I was also born in a very small town in Louisiana called Jennings/Hathaway, which are two separate areas, but they're basically the same town. I grew up in Houston and got most of my heavy musical influences from several Texas metal bands like Pantera and many, many others. I grew up really admiring bands like Deftones and Korn in my teen angst days and found major inspiration in their moving lyrics and raw power behind the feelings in their songs. Especially Chino. I loved all his cover songs, and especially his guest appearance with Ill Nino. I started out in many metal bands and even managed a metal band in Las Vegas called Sic Inside, and with our year together we headlined and sold out shows. We made it very far together before the band split up and I decided it was time to pursue my own career in music again. I formed a band in Louisiana, we didn't even have a name, but we had some majorly heavy sound going onto on our demo tapes. When I would show my friends the demos of me singing while the band played heavy metal that was influenced by badass bands, and it sounded like some Lamb Of God meets Bullet For My Valentine, they would say it was the best metal they had ever heard. It was such an honor, but eventually, the band split and I was on my own again. That's when I started writing acoustic songs for my album Taking Chances, and it is still in the process of being recorded. But with my album series titled Psychic Soldier, it's been exciting. I did everything I possibly can for this project to take off, and it has taken over every one of my intentions, and it is coming out a lot faster than the other songs, so I have placed all my focus on these songs right now, and I am proud to say that it is already sounding great. My album Psychic Soldier has been a long time in the making, I had been making industrial rap beats that are infused with a dark and heavy sound, but with light melodic overtones that capture the listener and make them really get into the sound. It pulls the listener in and makes them want to hear more. I just want it to sound its best, and I love sharing what I've already done with all of you. I'm pretty happy with the sound, and I hope you are too! It has some metal screams mixed with trap beats hidden inside, and southern rap at its very core. Since I am from the south, I felt that I should really embrace all of my southern roots and influences."

Extraterrestrial Influences

After seeing a UFO in Phoenix, Arizona on November 7th at 7pm exactly, Chance decided to write a song about it called Starboard. The song name was later changed back to its original name, "Starbound".

Chance saw the UFO fly over Squaw Peak mountain and then it headed towards downtown Phoenix before disappearing into the night air. The UFO was covered by a cloud that seemed to cloak its visibility, and the craft was silent. For such a large craft or a "missile" as the military called it, it seemed strange that it didn't make a sound. That was no missile! Chance Trahan documented this incident and his research on his Instagram profile, click here to see it for yourself. Chance photographed the unidentified craft and below are some of the photos that document the incident.

Anyhow, back to the Psychic Soldier album... The following song "Airborne" off the EP "Psychic Soldier" Chance dubs as "Probably the dopest beat I've ever produced." and it is without a doubt, one of the best songs he's done to date. Following Chance's independent music career, you will learn that Chance didn't have it easy finding ways to record his music at home and wasn't always able to get the best quality sounds from the equipment he was working with, but with the album Psychic Soldier, Chance Trahan was able to bring his listeners some of the best quality he's ever worked with to this day. Just have a listen for yourself.

With all of that said, Chance hopes you really enjoy his brand new album Psychic Soldier and you can look forward to more chapters of the Psychic Soldier series coming out soon that will include many more tracks that are bound to astonish and mesmerize anyone who gives these tracks a listen.