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MAGIC: PROJECT LAS VEGAS 2015 - MAGIC is the global pillar of fashion trade shows. Twice annually, 60,000+ industry insiders meet in Las Vegas to shop and celebrate style. MAGIC's 10 can't miss markets feature the most comprehensive collections of men's, women's, juniors and children's apparel, footwear, accessories, and resources. With MAGIC's 85 years of experience and attendance from over 120 countries, MAGIC moves fashion forward globally. From the fabric to the finished product, the hottest brands to the top designers, and the tastemakers to the power buyers, if it's fashion, you'll find it at MAGIC.


MAGIC: PROJECT is a clothing convention that happens 2 times a year. This particular event that I am reporting on happens in Las Vegas, NV. I had the opportunity to Register To Attend MAGIC: PROJECT LAS VEGAS at the suggestion of Daymond John. I accepted his challenge to attend, and I am very grateful for the experience and knowledge it gave me about the fashion industry. I follow Daymond John very closely and together we have worked on some of his Digital Shark Branding that he posts to his Twitter account. Read more about Chance Trahan's experience with Daymond John.

I originally went to show off my new clothing brand Mafia Illuminati, but later changed my mind to help develop my brand Corriv Clothing. When you look at Corriv, you see a place for applicants to drive with us as if we are uber, and we definitely are coming out with an app While at MAGIC: PROJECT Las Vegas, I attended fashion industry seminars that changed my life. Some of the fashion seminars at MAGIC 2015 were truly informative, and I enjoyed all of MAGIC 2015's seminar programs that I attended.

MAGIC: PROJECT Las Vegas 2015 Seminars

  • Product Design & Sustainability
  • Social Networking Bootcamp
  • The Future of Fashion
  • Fashion 101
  • Creating the Ultimate Sales Team
  • Retail 101
  • Why Made In America Matters
  • Theatre Of Retail: Interactive Technology + The New Shopping Paradigm
  • Retailing 2030: From Robots Running The Store To Innovative Buying Tools
  • The State Of Mobile, Social Media + Visual Web

Twice a year MAGIC invites you to stock your shelves while you expand your mind. MAGIC offers a complimentary seminar series geared to those in the sourcing industry.

Some of the MAGIC: PROJECT Las Vegas highlights were:

  • PROJECT: Contemporary Fashion For Men
  • THE TENTS: Luxury and Designer Brands
  • MEN'S: Branded Apparel For Men And Young Men
  • ENKVEGAS: Contemporary Fashion For Women
  • POOLTRADESHOW: Boutique -- Ready Fashion And Accessories
  • WWDMAGIC: Women's And Junior's Fashion
  • FN PLATFORM: The Global Showcase For Branded Footwear
  • [email protected]: Fast Fashion Footwear
  • PLAYGROUND: Contemporary Fashion For Children
  • SOURCING AT MAGIC: Fashion's Global Supply Chain

MAGIC: PROJECT Las Vegas isn't just known for fashion -- it's also known for its parties and networking events. After all, it's Vegas baby!

Here are a few of the events that happened:

  • FN Platform Concert
  • The Project X Eleven Paris Party
  • Hollywood TV Meet + Greet
  • Club Hakkasan: Party With Resident DJ Calvin Harris
  • Club Hakkasan: Performance With Nelly

I had the time of my life, it involved networking to meet people who are staples in the fashion industry who built their brand from scratch into a global empire through licensing deals, manufacturer sourcing, brand establishment, social media, and more. I even found a source for Fashion Jobs which is like the Craigslist of fashion industry employers. While I was at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, I met the country-rock band Elvis Monroe, which includes a guitarist that played guitar for 10 years with the band Lifehouse, Matchbox 20 and more. They were there representing Red Chapter Clothing and among their group was the artist who draws words that have different meanings when displayed upside down and right side up. For example, if you read the word one way, it says Peter Parker, and if you flipped the word upside down, it reads Spider-Man. It was an honor to meet them.

The singer of Elvis Monroe sports a really cool mohawk and his fashion is definitely on point for his style. He dresses a totally punk rockabilly style, but their band is what I would call alternative-country. Here's a plug of their debut album being played on the radio: Elvis Monroe debuts Rebel on the radio

While attending the seminars in the Las Vegas Convention Center, I met with some of the fashion industry's icons, like Edward Hertzman and several others who were part of the speaking panel that taught many useful things to know about the fashion industry, anywhere from how to display your shop's window in brick and mortar stores to how to properly display your products and brands in social media online as well. The final day of MAGIC was the most intense for me, especially after hearing Edward Hertzman's statements while on the seminar speaker's panel. He said the magic words, "This is MAGIC, you have to make the magic happen." Those words are what helped me take my experience of MAGIC: PROJECT Las Vegas to a whole new level. From that point on, I gained all access, took my networking skills to a whole new level, attended the POOLTRADESHOW inside Mandalay Bay and met Shark Tank success story stars -- Proof Eyewear: Wood Glasses, encouraged other brands like The Local Branch Company to try making it onto Shark Tank, coached them on how to be accepted onto Shark Tank casting, followed up with an email further detailing how to secure an investment from a shark like Daymond John, and even saw tons of super inspiring brands, products and the people behind them. My experience of MAGIC: PROJECT LAS VEGAS was as good as it gets. I learned a lot of valuable information and met a ton of key people and I really fell in love with the experience and I plan to go back and do it all over again(including all of the endless walking it took in getting it all done because it was worth it).

While there, I made several key contacts and even spent up some of the time talking with people that helped me shape my brand Corriv Clothing into what it is today.