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I coach others to help them find the answers to any lingering questions you might have that are blocking your creative process. The experiences I've had in life are what's led me to want to help others. I struggled with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and Battered Spouse Syndrome. With my help we can find the solutions you seek.

My whole career as a Life Coach has sparked inspiration in each and every one of my clients. I aim to heal my clients with Guided Imagery followed by Intensive Coaching that has you coming out with all of the answers.

About Life Coaching

According to "Life coaching is a synergistic relationship between an accredited life coach and a client designed to tap into your full potential. Just as Olympic athletes wouldn’t think of training without the added insight, objective perspective and enthusiastic support of an athletic coach, many of today’s most successful business leaders, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and CEOs use the services of a life coach to take their lives, careers, or businesses to the next level. At we have an international directory of accredited life coaches who can address your personal and business coaching needs for both your personal and professional life. Find the perfect life coach to help you reach your biggest goals and dreams here. Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist and part rent-a-friend, coaches work with managers, entrepreneurs, and just plain folks, helping them define and achieve their goals — career, personal, or most often, both."


Chance Trahan is a Certified Life Coach, Trained Clairvoyant, and Massage Therapist. He graduated in 2003 for Massage Therapy, and in 2015 was certified for Life Coaching, and that very same year he underwent intensive training in psychic clairvoyance skill tapping.


Personalized one-on-one coaching to provide you the tools to help propel you into success


Get the knowledge you seek, Chance is prepared to help answer any lingering questions you may have


The willingness to keep an open mind could be just what changes your life for the better right now