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Hi, I've been studying under Daymond John for quite a while now and I'd like to pass everything he's taught me down to you, the entrepreneur. I watch a lot of Shark Tank and shows about saving businesses, and decided to start posting articles about the sales and business tactics I've picked up along the way.

If you'd like to learn more about business and sales tactics, then read this post.


I respect Daymond John for taking me under his wing and showing me things that I never thought of before. Daymond has taught me a lot about being an entrepreneur, a fashion designer, a public speaker, and an all-around genuinely great businessman and gentleman. On top of all of that he has taught me how to become a better person for it. I thank him often and he actually replies. And for that, I feel blessed that he would take a moment out of his busy and hectic life to thank me for acknowledging him.


Daymond John is the mastermind of entrepreneurship and branding. When it comes to business, he definitely thinks a like a shark. For example, he believes that it takes hard work to experience a lasting success. Daymond prides himself on family and core values of being brought up from the streets and making it. And he believes that if he can make it, so can you! Daymond is also very supportive answering even the toughest questions in the social media community from other entrepreneurs trying to make it in their industry, whatever it may be.

Chance Trahan takes great pride in being a graphics and web designer, while Daymond John, is a person who takes pride in his licensing abilities. To start licensing with Daymond John's Shark Branding experts, email: Daymond John's Licensing Dept.

Somewhat like what Daymond John does, Chance Trahan is a certified Life Coach. Once Chance spotted a niche for helping people to write a business plan before they appeared on ABC's hit show "Shark Tank", it didn't take long before Chance jumped on the opportunity to create the business plan builder to help other entrepreneurs get an idea of what writing a business plan is like.

And like Daymond John, Mr. Trahan started his own Journal to establish his branding, music business, life coaching, and fashion industry authority. At the advice of Daymond John, Chance recently attended MAGIC: PROJECT Las Vegas, where he learned Pantone's Color Of The Year and made several high-profile networking buddies, such as Mercedes and Syama Meagher

"The Shark" Entrepreneur Daymond John tweeted a meme created by "Life Coach" Chance Trahan and gave him credit for making it on Instagram as well as Twitter.

Chance also had success with having ABC's Shark Tank entrepreneur, Robert Herjavec retweeting Chance's original content, such as; Chance Trahan's A Fist Full Of Robert Meme. Check out Robert Herjevec's retweet of Chance's Shark Tank meme here:

Chance Trahan met Daymond John at his book signing at the Fashion Show Mall on April 20th, 2016, check out the - SELFIE - photo Daymond took on Chance's phone [embedded below] Chance took Daymond's entrepreneurial advice and attended MAGIC | PROJECT LAS VEGAS. Ever since then, Chance decided to prove something Daymond John said wrong... Daymond said that after several failed attempts at investments in the music industry gone wrong, he decided that he couldn't make money in the music industry, so he backed out. Chance saw him say that on social media and took that as a challenge. "Challenge Accepted"

Chance finds inspiration in the things that Daymond John does because even down to Daymond's AV Checklist, he has the perfect format for any public speaker to succeed in their own fashion. In other words, Daymond has keynote speaking down to a science. He exhibits inspiration, massive talent, drive and wildly provable success. He's everything you could possibly expect from a high-profile entrepreneur. As someone who's lived in Las Vegas for 10 years, including Summerlin, Henderson, Green Valley and North Vegas and being remotely mentored by Daymond John himself... Chance finds it an honor that Daymond takes time out of his busy day to do a book tour and still have time to help other entrepreneurs for free using the Facebook Live Streaming app, when juggling several other companies, and all the while still being a dad to his kids. He gives business advice for everyone.

Chance Trahan has a deep passion for Public Speaking - While Daymond John has a passion for - Keynote Speaking. While the two may have their own tactics, they still make a great team when working together on a single Shark Branding project as they have done before. Daymond's Digital Shark Branding executives have reached out to Trahan to create more memes for Mr. John. Daymond has been working closely with the White House to ensure entrepreneurs have a better chance at success. In his recent days, Daymond retweeted about the White House, as they work with Capital One to give entrepreneurs a shot at investing.

Helping to create more tech training and hiring opportunities in a digital economy as part of #FutureEdge by joining @WhiteHouse #TechHire.

Trahan has made similar strives for entrepreneurial advocacy in the past when he hired several struggling businessmen from overseas and taught them how to succeed in business and branding on their own while under his wing. (Search Engine Developers)

Chance's success is easily measured when you start to have a conversation with him and get him to open up about his past and the high-profile clients he's taken on.

Yes, Daymond John has lent success to many entrepreneurs who are willing to work for the status, fame, experience, money and most of all, the business. Remembering where Chance has come from, he makes it a point to pay-it-forward and give back to other entrepreneurs whom are just starting out in bands, branding, comedy clubs, venues, events and more. There is no telling where Chance might find his next apprentice to help hone the skills of.

Download a free PDF copy of the Shark's Mastering Sales Techniques I've written based on what Robert Herjavec taught me while watching him help others master their pitch on ABC's 20/20. Being a fan of shows like Shark Tank, The Profit, Bar Rescue, Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen have taught me a substantial amount of info about running a business, mastering your craft, being a great salesman and becoming your own entrepreneur. I love the life of business and I love being an entrepreneur because as Daymond John says, as an entrepreneur, anyone has an equal shot at success.

Do you have any experience with Daymond John? Tweet a comment to me and tell me your stories, share a link or anything else you feel you would like to chat about.