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I was asked to be featured in a Rolling Stone article by David Kushner.

Conversation started July 8, 2014 @ 1:46pm

David Kushner: Chance, I'm a writer for Rolling Stone, and I'd like to interview for a piece I'm writing about James McGibney and Bullyville. Can we talk tomorrow? Let me know the best way to reach you. More about me: Thanks. [This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.]

SHERIFF: Hi. How are you, David? I would love to tell you all about that piece. I have first hand experience with it all and would love to tell you every single thing I know and I would feel a lot better knowing that the truth is out there. However, I am opposed to him or his company being on the cover as a featured article. As he nor his company ViaView, is not reputable nor cover material, they are not heroes and do not deserve the cover exposure. If at all possible, I would love to be on the cover. I would give your mag a better look than having mcFibney on your cover, he would just make people not touch your mag with just his looks alone. If this is too much to ask for then I can't do it and refuse to be a part of it as I do not endorse the actions of mcFibney and neither do I support the actions of any of his online paid gang members. I would rather be featured in a story that tells the truth, puts the underdog on the cover and makes the mag fly off the newsstands! I hope that this is all negotiable, but please understand that putting mcFibney or his gang on the cover will spark major negativity not only with Me but with my family and the victims. Most of his victims never figure out who mcFibney even is after he harasses individuals in what he thinks is anonymity. Thanks for the offer either way and please keep an open mind when considering all of my pleas.

Thank you, With love...

PS, I'm usually available right at this time. Are you available now?

David Kushner: Where should I call?

SHERIFF: I'm not sure what you've been told by Adam Slimeball. But I can't wait to slam him and his whole bullyville operation in your new article. XXX-XXX-XXXX That's my cell phone #.

David Kushner: Tried calling you a couple times but no answer. We can talk here. Here are some questions: When/how did you first become aware of BV? When you describe his "online paid gang members," can you elaborate on this specifically? Who are they and what did they do to you? When you say "Most of his victims never figure out who mcFibney even is after he harasses individuals in what he thinks is anonymity" can you be more specific?

SHERIFF: I don't feel comfortable talking about any of this with you. You haven't mentioned what this is specifically about, why you chose to ask me, if I'll be on the cover. Are you even aware that these guys (ViaView) are under FBI surveillance that was part of an investigation that was instigated by me? I don't mind telling you everything, but not without my terms of being on the cover of the Rolling Stone. I don't even think that they are a story worth printing. I believe I mentioned this before. You want my side of the story, and anything you print it's going to be a lie unless you hear everything I've got to say. I run circles around these idiots all day. But I'm not telling you everything, (naming names, telling you how they operate) until I have it in writing that I'm Rolling Stone cover bound. I'm sorry I just can't do it unless we can meet on these terms.

You're not the first to try to get this story, and you won't be the last. I've told close to 20 people trying to get an interview about this to f**k off, as far as I'm concerned, the Rolling Stone will put a terrorist on the cover of their magazine before they ever put a hero. So, I already have no interest in this story or the mag you work for. So saying no and blocking you would be easy for me to do and if I don't see any progress in my requests of you then goodbye goes your shot at getting a story no one else has and everyone comes begging me for.

Instead of glorifying these re***ds, how about we glorify our greater purpose of the VASurge? The last thing I want to do is sit around reliving that unjust nightmare they've caused me. I like you, and I would love to build a working relationship here, but I can't be a part of a story so weak that it's not even relevant any more.

Let's write a better story that has to do with the here and now, let's support Montel Williams and his VA Surge for our veterans, they deserve better than some garbage story about losers effectively doing nothing with their lives and time and short attention spans?

I have a ton of new info that I didn't even know of before now too. And a whole support group that is ready to blow this story wide open for you

There's a ton of us ready to file a big fat RICO lawsuit on them all. Excuse me for being rude in the least bit but imagine my hesitation to tell you anything, you could ruin me with one pen strike. I don't want that. I just want to help you get your story and show my face to the victims to show that there is hope after this whole McGibney ordeal

I've contemplated suicide plenty of times after Mcgibney, Steinbaugh, Ken White, Sally Winters, Deric Lostutter and others threatened my freedom, spoke ill of my music, threatened my family, mentioned my family in this post: California attorney Ken White "Popehat" threatens innocent children. He made tons of false accusations and took the public info available and weaved that horrible story out of it.

He didn't stop to even ask me about it, I'm not shy about anything. I've given them the run around every time they show their face, because they've instigated fights on Twitter just for PR screen grabs to use against me. I would not had reacted that way had they not threatened my family on Twitter, YouTube and any other way they could try to contact and humiliate or harm me. They sent inside edition to attack me with an interview armed with questions poised to put my family in immediate danger. Inside Edition interviews SHERIFF. As you can see, they sent inside edition to my house, I had to move, buy a new car, and all because they put false accusations on me and didn't care to ask me nicely like you have.

I don't have anything to hide, I don't care what they say to you, because they're all on a ton of peoples s*** list and I'm about to give them the keys to the kill room.

Hypothetically speaking, of course. They're allegedly getting paid by certain Las Vegas construction agencies to publicly harass and ruin people. For example, I had a job with the band Chimaira, was my dream job, and they ruined it for me, really f**ked it all up. I was on track to work for major record labels and merchandise shops making their websites.

I made Chimaira's site, revamped it, and got fired without pay, Mark Hunter stole my Apple App Developer Account, changed the password on me after he fired Me locking me out of my account for almost a year's time! He went on tour and didn't give a F*** about my well being. They f***ed it up real good for me.

I got so mad at Mark that I said things I should not have, even threatened lawsuits, and who was there to pick up the pieces on Twitter for Mark? But none other than Adam Steinbaugh. That's why I call him Madame Slime-ball and swine-trough. I'm not nice about it because he put my family in danger when he did that, ruined my income completely and said I'm some revenge porn kingpin. I'm a simple site designer, inbound marketer.

My baby momma still threatens to leave me over this and everyone who knows me knows that my involvement in IsAnybodyDown was VERY minimal! And Craig will tell you. No one wanted to do anything for that site, but I have to feed my kids, provide basic necessities. And they want to take food right out of my children's mouths, I wouldn't do that to my worst enemy, ask McFibney if I ever did that to him?

So I made a site layout, suggested a couple of hints on how to get his site ranked and heard all of his horror stories in dealing with these people.

Much less made the logo. Craig has always been my friend but he has bad ideas sometimes that I don't agree with but everybody has this thing called free will. I talked him out of running the site... And he shut it down. Now all these nasty people he exposed on isanybodydown can thank me for the privacy to ruin others lives again (can you smell my sarcasm? Because it's thick!)

I want you to understand that these people that this story is about made a HUGE mistake when they chose to speak my name to you and I want to make sure your article is awesome and is the full truth about every single thing going on. There is much more to this story. I have plenty of screen-shots of all of this personal and public harassment I've been subjected to for at least 2 years now!

And I have plenty of other people they've collectively attacked that will thicken this plot a lot more. Here's a link to put an end to their tyranny. It will tell you everything. These are the people supporting me. Here's the home page exposing their operations and naming names and tying fact to their fiction and ruining their plans to destroy others and in a sense, they're trying to play God and failing horribly bad at it. Deric "Hostutter" Lostutter has openly said in a tweet to Roseanne Barr that he wants to "Weaponize The Media." He also committed fraud on me. Last year, not this year, I couldn't file my tax return and had to wait for eeevveerrr for it last year because of the fraud they committed, they filed income taxes IN MY NAME! And I have people admitting to me that he was the person behind it. Deric Lostutter is a statutory rapist, he had a girl speak out about him raping her while she was under-age and he wasn't under-age. Tho I don't think she ever filed a suit, which screams that he really did it and she's scared he'll retaliate against her, because he has that type of personality.

This is the girl he raped, he must have f***ed her up pretty good, because as you can see, she's a freecam model Check out ********* (@**********):********. This is Deric's lies about his charges, I, SHERIFF filed the first FBI report on Deric Lostutter.

My joint FBI reports led to his arrest.

And... Details of Deric Lostutter's true involvement in the Steubenville rape case.

And here's a question, why is he so adamant about being anti-rapists when he's accused of being a statutory rapist himself? It seems like he feels guilty for what he did and needs to give back in order to make himself feel better, yet effectively didn't help at all. All he did was obstruct justice, provide heavy disinformation and did the same harassment to school children. And to top it all off, this is a paid employee of ViaView. Along with Adam Steinbaugh who has stopped at nothing to ruin every one of my endeavors, I have screenshot of tweets of him admitting to wanting to know my every plan for all my endeavors. When I opposed my name being on this post, he immediately showed up in the Wikipedia support chat to talk sh*t to me passive-aggressively and tried to make me look crazy for being outraged over being listed on wikipedia as something I'm really not. Any time the Is Anybody Down Wikipedia article had been changed or updated, they have that person almost instantly banned, and made to feel small. Who called Adam Steinbaugh into that Wikipedia chat?

Who lives in that chat that has a special interest in me? Because they won't even let me have a stub on Wikipedia, because they have it contested and deleted just to make they fraudulent revenge-porn post look legit, when in fact I'm VERY well known across the globe and there's is no reason I should not at least have a stub on Wikipedia. I've worked with more high profile acts than most people and I'm one of the biggest trend setters I know of!

Inside Edition LITERALLY beat on my door trying to get an interview. Not just knocking, but BEATING my f****** door down like they're the cops and s***. The first knock was just as "beat your f****** door down" as the last. Then when I go to move my parked car, they all jump out of the black expedition and bombard me with s*** questions.

I was in the middle of the most intense Call of Duty game of my life, sweating and heart beating out of my chest and s*** and there's all this talk about govt spying and all the sudden someone is beating down the f****** door I'm literally sitting right next to, I was standing in front of my TV mid game, less than 5 feet away from the front door and BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! No announcement what so ever, just scattered talk and beating the f****** hell out of my door. S*** that's scary! I don't open the door for psycho mother f**kers like that. And not to mention, I have PTSD!

S***, I don't open my front door for ANYBODY unless we've made arrangements to meet up prior, other than that, have fun knocking, weirdos!

So, The Dr. Phil show facebooks me, begs for me to come on their show. Mentions that I would be a guest on stage with "McFibney" James A. McGibney who allegedly committed fraud of stolen valor. I immediately denied that, who the f*** wants to deal with THAT dog and pony show? Not me! I have a lot more taste than that, c'mon dude!

But thanks to Adam Steinbaugh I just got invited to a life long dream of being in the Rolling Stone so I'm here to take it a step further and say give ME the cover. I'M fighting for veterans. McGibney is fighting with innocent people. I'm ousting his entire operation to protect others from his ungodly online and courtroom wrath.

Thank you for the opportunity to open up to the world about my story and I share this horror story right along side of the entire town of Steubenville. Is there any wonder why they call it BullyVILLE? CheaterVILLE? Etc, etc. Yet the irony of this whole thing is that they're the real bullies and their lame ass catch phrase is "Sometimes you've got to be the bully to beat the bully" and "Take the bully by the horns."

Those words when taken very seriously are quite disturbing if you think about it long and hard. I privately trained to become a navy seal to protect myself and further my horizon. Decided it wasn't for me, but at least I tried, right? What did he do? Get a dishonorable discharge? Bought a bogus online diploma? Flaunts it egotistically even tho it's counterfeit! Ohh!

And this puke stain had the nerve to tell someone who so was raised MILI-F**KING-TARY through and through that I dare not say Semper Fi, @Bullyville said, how dare I disrespect the term "Semper Fi", but what the f*** does he know about loyalty? He can't even keep a lawyer loyal much less his whore ass Mexican wife. Or whatever nationality she is. I have a feeling that she plays a bigger part in all of this ONLINE TERRORISM than she might care to admit to.

Every time I deal with a Captain Obvious account it's accompanied by a female account he has openly admitted is his wife Christina McGibney, and her cyberbullying code name is usually "Sally Winters" or "Sally Wins."

We're busting them on a child pornography ring right now. James McGibney pays a junkie priest named David Adler and his wife Tina to harass people and they use the dirty money on drugs. James McGibney is on food stamps. Serves him right for taking food out of my children's mouths. He can't even afford to feed his kids. He's riding the Obama stereotype train.

And pedaling child pictures for cash. Who's to say that he doesn't pedal his own children's photos. How sick do you have to be to mention my child on a popehat blog? That's just sick. He deserves much worse than what I might do to him legally. Kenneth "popehat" White is the scum of the earth! Thinks he's above the law!

David Adler... A priest in North Carolina is responsible for much of this twitter harassment, he bounces through 5 different accounts to attack someone to make it look more intimidating than it really is. He throws around lawsuit threats like water and threatens people's families and much worse. Says nasty and vulgar things trying to get a reply to screenshot out of people like me that has a very exclusive and extensive public presence.

They're what you call rape-u-tationists. They rape away your reputation via public means trying to entrap you into a lawsuit. I've scared all their lawyers away every time. They don't have a case against me so they try to compile one using your replies mixed with bold faced lies trying to get you to threaten them, but they're saying really sick things to try to incite it. Plus they're doing it for sick drug money. Money that comes from very vile means. And we're currently suspecting them of child pornography, because that's all they've tried pinning us[IAD] with even though Craig was meticulous about not getting himself into trouble.

Does that answer your question, Mr. David Kushner?


Please, keep in mind that after reading this.... David Kushner actually did publish that article about James McGibney. However, it did not end up in Rolling Stone, James Mcgibney did not end up on the cover, and my story about the truth was never printed until now.



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This is a systematic effort to blindside the subject. In this method, the subject is placed under severe states of extreme psychosis at seemingly random intervals, how–e–ver, these instances are covertly planned prior to each event. While in this state of neurological psychosis, the subject becomes selectively activated to fits of anxiety, bouts of depression, & subject ultimately shuts down from time–to–time. Also while in this state, the subject then seeks the opinions of others, which makes the subject easily prodded for information– if subject is approached with genuine friendliness and gesture of concern or care towards the current focus of the subject.

There is a frantic state of urgency for the subject to be heard out, with feelings of helplessness & defeat foreshadowing this seemingly bewildering–behavior being exhibited. Subject's neurological systemology is tarnished & replaced with a new set of psychological re-wirings via the netro weaponized psychological methods described up above. Subject's memory becomes a net that filters what is recallable as fact or fiction, if "fiction", the "fact" of the matter is let go of, and the subject moves on cautiously. What the subject's ions are attracted to become the attacker's point–of–scope to engage upon.




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Pedophiles using #livestreaming #app to manipulate underage girls into heinous sexual acts, then maliciously sell these screen captured #recordings as filthy child porn. Reported to: @seanhannity @tomilahren @ingrahamangle @megynkelly @judgejeanine @realdonaldtrump

They aren't IDing these users, and the Chinese development company won't do it. Their lame excuse is that they need more developers, how–e–ver they have enough money and developers to constantly create new features, plugins and gifts (virtual currency). They are making a killing. I used to volunteer my time trying to clean up the app, but the developers wouldn't help, only wanted more exciting new features. I told them that they will get that after they fix this pedo–problem first. Other users demanded Country IP bans, still the company resists– no budge.

The #LIVEME development company resides in Shenzen China. They communicate via Skype group chats with their users who pour their hearts out with ideas to these said developers, hoping for an official badge and title, or free coins (virtual currency). Their development team's choice of neglecting the users' cries for 'security' over the app, and 'removing the ability to be an anonymous user' has– led to many misfortunes, & will still create many unfortunate–events, also for people whom are viewers whom will witness these acts. This Chinese development company is closely related to the bulks of electronic products coming out of Shenzhen* China. I asked staff for vape wholesale– & she reassured me that she's got whatever I need, but then cut–off communication with me like all of the other developers did.

The Hollywood sector of the company liked me, so they gave me featured time–slots. That's how LiveMe began to take–over my life. The hopes and dreams of performing and not having to leave my home, and making lots of money doing it. After my time–slot, there were no more offers. The following got strange, the comments started becoming strange, the bickering between performers was awful, the big performers started leaving the platform, the begging for gifts & coins was overwhelming, the performers complained that the app only wanted more money from sex💃.

Then I became a vigilante account reporter. Accounts were being banned because of me. This became widely known. I was called & told about Katelyn hanging herself & to watch, so I could get it taken down. I watched it, & by the end, BOOM– the video had already disappeared.– Awful. This was awful to have to watch, a 12 yr old girl, who'd been raped by her step–dad... prepare her rope in the tree, give her last words, say her goodbyes, and then hang herself. As she hang– body swaying in the tree & wind– the sun went down... Then– her Mom– calls her name.😢😭 The hardest part was screaming and crying because I had to watch someone from an anonymous account chant her on, cheer her on, encourage her to do it. But, it didn't matter now, she was dead... by the end of this brand new 40 min #livestream video, Katelyn– had already been dead.



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About Me

I am not a danger to myself— nor others. I know how to take good care of myself. I am happy, conscious, and aware. I love myself and others. I respect myself and others. I am just trying to do the right thing all the time. I understand that failures are learning opportunities. I understand what I need to survive. I live to help others. I am always honest with myself and others. I love my life. I like to make other people laugh. I like working on my own. I love helping people out of their own issues.

Law enforcement is my life. Music is my passion. Writing is my release. Politics are my focus. Drawing is my imagination. Coaching is my pride. Coding is my decision. Linguistics are my b****. Language is my love. Photography is the world through my eyes. Healing others is my mission. Investigating is my drive. Reporting is my job. I am an investigative reporter. I do not find myself becoming angered over someone else's analysis or diagnosis over me. I am trying to solve celebrity murders and crimes. I am trying to solve Oct 1st 2017's Las Vegas Route 91 shooting. I am trying to run for Sheriff of Clark County Nevada. I've campaigned for several politicians. I have campaigned for Kelli Ward & also for Donald Trump, I am not the sole reason I got him elected, to make that claim is either in a joking manner, or said with the intentions of it being loosely based on verifiable facts.

I am not delusional, if any agitation were to ever come from me, it was due to verbal abuse towards me— prior to ever becoming agitated. If any aggression ever arose, it was solely due to someone not respecting me as a person, nor respecting my boundaries in the first place. My allegations made against anyone are always based on facts, as to where most other people's are typically based on hearsay. I am not paranoid, other than fearing for my safety and well-being based on people's blatant lies, misrepresentation of my character, and contradictory actions to one's statements. My opinion about anyone's psychological assessment is my right, and it is a basic human right. Why it would even be presented as questionable would be nothing more than libel or slander towards me, and a proactive suppressant of me voicing my opinions & freedom of speech deterrent.

If for any reason your voice, opinion, freedom of speech, or your Pursuit of Happiness were constantly being suppressed by an overbearing, obsessively, compulsive, sovereign, holier-than-thou complex having, will never admit to their own fault, cuz they live in Magic La La Land where everything is perfect and they couldn't possibly be held accountable for any of their actions— you would instantaneously understand how anyone in their right frame of mind would eventually become agitated & start questioning their actions, especially if their actions constantly contradicted their words, and once you started jumping to the factor–based conclusions, you're labeled as paranoid, delusional, agitated, overly aggressive, highly tangential or "experiencing a flight of ideas".

This is what's called being under mental duress— illegally coerced into doing things you normally wouldn't do. Typically, the only reason I would ever seem to be experiencing a flight of ideas, or be viewed as highly tangential, is because my mind could be racing as I'm trying to make sense of who all these strange people are— who are all the sudden— what I would call interrogating, harassing or disrespecting me and my rights.

My mind works so fast, and to someone whose mind does not, it could easily be mistaken for paranoia. Calloused anxiety is often confused with "manic episodes". Just because you do not agree with someone does not make the other person wild and delusional. Tangential– means to not be able to keep on one subject, frantically bouncing from one thing to another. However, if the questions keep coming at me at a fast pace, then it might be a little hard for anyone to focus on one thing— and I'm told that I can focus on one thing rather well– so there. If one was to overwhelm me with questions, information, demands, and threats of physical violence, how would one be willing to even comply with any of that odd and sudden behavior sprung upon them? Those are grounds that would make anyone seem paranoid– as well as to be experiencing "tangentialness" due to the overwhelming harassment & drama described up above— the same also goes for a "flight of ideas" and delusion.

I am an investigator reporting the news. I am also an information technology specialist, you put any computer in front of me, Linux, PC, Mac and I'll prove it. I also have several websites and graphics designed by me to prove it. I should not have to explain my religious preferences, boundaries and my rights. I should only have to say this once. Although I may seem a tiny bit tangential from time to time, it does not require forced medication or anything of that nature. You can tell that I seem to have some issues, but I'm nothing like my bipolar dad was, who has and would hurt someone, or themselves.




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