Chance Trahan


Clark County Nevada Resident of Las Vegas Chance Trahan has just announced his bid for Sheriff in the 2018 Elections for Sheriff of Clark County Nevada. A Meritus Party Political Figure who volunteers his time, Chance Trahan dominated each of his preliminary precinct positions while in Politics through bypassing any elections or due processes, which speaks levels about our country's political parties. Chance is changing America by exposing and going after fraudulent political figures, CEOs and their backdoor methods, and corrupt officials. The time for the corruption shadowing over Clark County Nevada is being put to a halt thanks to Chance's 'Mouth of the South' that gained him the rare position of being the first and only addressed as a US: Commanding Officer within Politics. #STANDWITHCHANCE
Chance Trahan





We The People DEMAND justice for the insider trading fraud scheme that happened in Las Vegas on October 1st, 2017 and as Sheriff, I will enforce no-tolerance justice to white collar criminals. I have already become severely relentless at attaining it at all costs, and by giving me the use of the tools that the Clark County Sheriff has, I will stop at nothing to serve law and order. Being a resident of Las Vegas since 2000 over the span of 11 separate years, I am disgusted and feel sorely disrespected by incumbent Sheriff Joe Lombardo. I have seen Vegas evolve in a very nasty and gruesome direction, and that's why I promise to uphold the law and prosecute any and all criminals in Clark County to the fullest extent and to also tell it like it is to EVERYONE! You have my word.

DONATE NOW! What's super important to focus on right now is DONATING MONEY to the HOMELESS LIVING inside the FLOOD TUNNELS beneath the big bright neon LAS VEGAS BLVD strip with NO PLACE TO GO when A STORM HITS. Look... the flood tunnels under Las Vegas should never be anyone's home. The floods come, they kill, and destroy belongings in their "homes", just like when floods hit anywhere else. Here I am, I'm standing up against the big bad government officials for this entire homeless community because they are our people too! We should not be calling anyone ingrates, we should remain persistent in the face of adversity, not just brush them aside like trash. Not everybody learns the same. It's time to have compassion for one another. The time to shine the light within you has never been more urgent before. I am really and truly donating every bit of this money from the campaign donations straight to the homeless. Can I confide in you to help me help the homeless that are living in these funky old flood tunnels? Since good o'Joe Lombardo or any of the Goodmans' won't do it, WE WILL! THERE ARE MANY OF US BEHIND THIS MOVEMENT, SO PLEASE TRUST THAT ANY AND ALL CAMPAIGN DONATIONS NOW GO TO THE HOMELESS AND NO LONGER GO TO THIS CAMPAIGN. HELP THE HOMELESS. ALL CAMPAIGN MONEY DONATED IS INSTANTLY TRANSFERRED TO ARTHUR MCCLEN OF LAS VEGAS AS SOON AS IT IS RECEIVED AND ACCOUNTED FOR, AFTER IT IS TRANSFERRED, ARTHUR THEN DISTRIBUTES THE FUNDS ACCORDINGLY TO HOLYSMOKEMISFITMISSIONARIES!

Holy Smoke Misfit Missionaries are pressing the issues! They are doing everything that they can to bring needed help and attention to the homeless living underneath the flood tunnels. The homeless living under the strip in Vegas may not be "your problem" but they could be your family, then how would you feel about helping them? Everyone can take example when they hear about how Clark County Sheriff hopeful Chance Trahan helped the homeless buy their own homes and covered the storm drain flood tunnels. Please, pitch in! The $30,000,000.00 goal mark is possible! We can help these people! One of the homeless under the strip in Vegas sacrifices every single one of his disability checks so that his family back home can afford to live. If that isn't a reason for you to donate anything now, then I'm not sure what else to do here. I'm putting my ass on the line so that I can make this world a better place, and I've got to start somewhere, so... why not here? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯




THIS IS FOR THE HEAVY HITTERS: I am deeply saddened about the Las Vegas shooting and I vow to represent all of the true victims and bring those to justice whom are responsible for the murders that did take place. I've deeply investigated the incident, at the expense of many people's sanity, but I am dead-set on convicting those whom are guilty of the crimes that have taken place on October 1st, 2017. With ridding those criminals, Vegas will become a much safer place. I also understand what crimes that happen in homes need in order for them to be taken care of and solved within a short amount of time, rather than the largely unsolved amounts of home invasion crimes in Vegas right now.

I have never served as a cop in uniform or even held a real badge a day in my life, but I want Sheriff Lombardo's badge. I want it so bad that I've weighed the alternatives and I'm not really ready to risk this election being handed down to anyone else. I want to take it, I want to own it, that position is mine for the taking and I intend on getting it.

I've put in so much work into the Las Vegas Clark County Community, I've even racked up several hours in delivering Postmates all across Vegas. Yeah, I was probably your Postmates Courier a time or two, and yes I do remember you. My Military Training and Special Tactics training gained when preparing to become a NAVY SEAL makes me overqualified for this position. Taking this position would be a step-down from my purest potential, but I really want to become Sheriff of Clark County, Nevada. I want to fix as much of Las Vegas and Clark County as I can. I have a team behind me, several people in wait to clean the streets of Clark County, so elect me!

I'm taking a wild stab at this and saying that I am allegedly up against $30 million in dirty bribe-money from the Las Vegas shooting at the hands of incumbent Sheriff of Clark County, NV., Joe Lombardo. He could do anything with that money. He would be a fool to try and fight me with any of that money, I know how to operate like a well oiled machine without any at all, and I don't like to shut my mouth for anyone at all. Every dollar you donate goes directly to the Chance Trahan for Sheriff 2018 campaign budget, the money will not just be spent on lots of annoying advertisements, however a large percentage of the money will be used as expenses for campaign events. We are planning the best campaign events in order to expose problem areas and bring mass media attention to what needs to be solved.

So, let me ask you something, Clark County... Who would you rather elect? Someone with enough private training and the gall to stand up for Clark County Nevada, or someone with corrupted experience that makes terrible decisions for the Clark County Economy? What Sheriff Lombardo did is a sin to all humanity, no matter your beliefs. He took bribe money from MGM Resorts International CEO and Chairman, Jim Murren. Elect me as Sheriff and I will bust every single person involved. I will not hold back! #STANDWITHCHANCE

I have a very strong Love/Hate relationship for Vegas. Vegas, the Capital of the world. Everybody goes to Vegas! I speak for everyone when I say that we do not want to lose any other beautiful brothers, and sisters, and moms, and dads, nor grandpas, nor grandmas. We want you protected. We want you in good health. Stand with me, stand with me now, stand up to corruption. We are Vegas! #PRAYFORVEGAS

Chance is taking a firm stance for integrity, justice and accountability to be upheld for unsolved crimes that have happened in Clark County, Nevada. As Sheriff, I will promote that we unite as a pride in order to conquer corruption in America once and for all. I promise to operate with safety and as transparently as I can like Vegas has never seen before.

Officer Lombardo has had his entire term to deal with the homeless that are living under the strip within the flood tunnels that could die at any time, God forbid a storm come and flood the drains, they could all just die. Whoever doesn't make it out of the flood tunnels dies. Together, we will accomplish the greatest that adversity has to offer us and save the lives of the homeless and rehabilitate them back into society. Trust me, I speak for them when I say that they do not want to be there at all. Please, we must do this and become the community that ultimately comes together and ends poverty. It all has to start somewhere. It can all start with Vegas. The time to come together is now. We are one. We are #VEGASSTRONG!