At least once in your life growing up, you've had a rumor spread about you that just wasn't true. Well, Chance has SO MANY ONLINE HATER-TROLLS that you wouldn't believe the amounts of garbage they'll make up just to try and stop him from being successful... And for what? Jealousy? Envy? Who knows and WHO CARES? They're obviously LOSERS that are obsessed with him!

Scroll down to learn the truth about Chance.

"Chance did revenge porn"

First off, WTF is revenge porn? 1, There's no such thing. 2, I wouldn't even know how to 'revenge porn' even if I wanted to, because again, it's something that's completely made up. That alone proves right there that whoever says that doesn't even know what in the world they're even talking about in the first place. 3, I don't even have any idea who those people are that are claiming that I did revenge porn, AND I DON'T EVEN CARE. It's sad that I even have to put this on my website. If I don't know them, and they don't know me, then WTF are they even over there babbling to the internet about? It doesn't make sense, and I just don't get it. Seriously... They obviously weren't there. They didn't even bother to ask me for the facts, much less approach me in a civil manner. They just anonymously started bashing me, harassed me on Twitter, and then posted the results. You'd probably be pissed off if the same thing happened to you back in 2012 too. I've seen the people they harass, and it's the same exact song and dance every time. Harassment, then blasphemous rumors. And another thing, how can they accuse me of a word they just made up as they were deciding to victimize me for something I had no involvement in? I MEAN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I've been telling them the same exact story year after year, day after day, time after time, but THEY DON'T CARE. No corrections to the articles are made, it's set in stone for them and any other reply is just another additive that's merely all filler and no killer. It's online bullying and their motto is that "Google is forever". In order to celebrate their 5 years worth of harassment, in this post I've chosen to create an article in my journal entries addressing online bullying, and you should check it out because it's very informative. And BESIDES, what kind of loser sits around making up fake names for porn anyways? NEWS FLASH, but I don't do anything that has to do with porn, GET REAL PEOPLE, I have kids to think about. Porn is one of those lines that I just won't cross. If you're into that and you had hope I would, sorry, I just won't. I HAVE STANDARDS, FOLKS, AND YOU SHOULD TOO!

"Chance plagiarized Daymond John"

What? What planet are we on? How is this even a thing right now? The #1 person in the planet getting plagiarized today being accused of plagiarizing someone else? For real, how is this a "thing"? Why does it exist? Kind of bullsh*t is this? Seriously. How do you even plagiarize someone who told you to do what you were in the middle of doing? How does any of what I just described make any sense to you? It happened like this, Daymond John is a Mentor, Motivational Speaker, and Businessman... I am a Business Consultant, Certified Life Coach, and Businessman whom was starting classes again in Public Speaking. I was listening to Daymond tell us to take an idea, find a format that works, then change it to suit your needs. My idea at the point in time was to beef up my website and add my services I offer. I DID EXACTLY WHAT THE MAN WAS TELLING ME TO DO, AND IT WAS LOOKING GOOD TOO, SO I PUT UP THE PRICES THAT I WANTED TO BE PAID, THEY MADE THEIR FALSE CLAIMS, I NEVER PURSUED ANY CLIENTS BECAUSE OF IT, AND I ALLOWED THEIR TRASH TALK TO HOLD ME BACK SPIRITUALLY. WTF? THANKS, DOUCHEBAGS. The really sad thing on their part is that a ton of judgements were already made via their posts about my website before the page was even finished being worked on... like, wow, right? Here I am, doo tee dooooo, just working on my page, and BING, I get a notification about this post being in my google search results for my name. I'm like, dude, Daymond's name is still on some of those documents. I mean, I didn't even get to finish making the samples of what my requirements are and things like that. BUT HEY, that didn't stop them from hijacking the google search results for my first and last name without even asking me for the truth, now did it? That seems to be their M.O., post blasphemous rumors about someone, then ask questions on their websites and then deal with the aftermath later, cuz... WHO CARES, RIGHT? Allow me to teach you something about Daymond John, since afterall, he does mentor me... If I plagiarized this man, he has such a strong and swift legal team, that believe me, I would have seen a lawsuit come my way so fast that I wouldn't have even seen it coming. It would have HURT and it would have hurt BAD. "OUUU STINGS REAL BAD IT DOES." Daymond doesn't feel violated AFAIK(BECAUSE I OBVIOUSLY DID NOTHING WRONG), and as a matter of fact, Daymond John, Chauncey, and I can be seen together in several photos here while he was in Vegas doing promotions. Here's Daymond John making jokes about my Facebook Live broadcasts being laggy. Look, Daymond just grabs my phone and takes the photo for me and everything. Here's Daymond doing his thing mentoring and giving advice, while I just mow mow down on this delicious Bubba's burger and lemonade he gave me. I mean, come on, guys, nobody even believes you. And the people who do, I don't want to waste my time with. Daymond John knows exactly who I am and what was said about me BECAUSE I HAD THE DECENCY TO APOLOGIZE FOR YOUR RUDE AND ASININE BEHAVIOR, AS****ES. Here's something else you probably didn't know about Daymond John and I, is that he's steadily offering me a position within his company(The Shark Group), to which I heavily and routinely decline although I DO APPRECIATE TO THE UTMOST EXTENT, however I just do not want to work for him. Not wanting to work for Daymond John is my own personal choice and preference. I'm not exactly someone who likes working for other people. Also, every position he's beat-around-the-bush and offered me involves me moving to New York, NO THANKS! Why would I move to New York when I already live in Indigica, Alaska?

"Chance was investigated by the FBI"

This has to single-handedly be the most uneducated rumor that's ever been made up about me in my entire life. I was NEVER EVER investigated by the FBI, no one came to shut a big bad site called 'IsAnybodyDown' down, and I was the one who got the site owner to take their garbage website down, as it was causing my home-life a ton of problems, when I was NOT involved with it and did NOT want to be involved with it in the first place. So, what's the truth behind the rumor, you ask? Why did they make up a rumor about me being raided by the FBI? It's a lot more simple than you think... RETALIATION. Before any of the rumors about me being interrogated by the FBI had surfaced, I had the people that were originally making these wild claims raided by the FBI for all of THEIR involvement in the terrorizing of homes and hacking of the school computers in the town of Steubenville. Their terrorist behavior was directly interfering with a major rape investigation involving teen boys from the local high school football team and a girl that was so drunk that she was passed out. These terrorist jerks,(namely Derek Lostutter) decided to release the name of the 'Jane Doe' victim, and that put the victim directly at risk for all types of new harassment. I was not okay with their terrorism on the town of Steubenville, so a couple others & I all reported them, and consequently it had their doors kicked in. The FBI had been looking for these jerks for quite a while and we gave the FBI their 'Golden Ticket'. Derek was actually afraid that his dog would be shot during the raid and begged and pleaded for his dog's life. So, yeah... I was NEVER investigated by the FBI, and if you believe that rumor that's obviously a load of bullsh*t, then IDK what to tell you.

"The FTC shut down IsAnybodyDown"

First thing is first, NOT MY WEBSITE, NOT MY PROBLEM. Second thing, I was the one who got the website shut down. Me: "Shut the f***ing website down." Craig Brittain: "Okay." The site was then immediately shut down without ANY involvement with the FTC at all. Does any of that sound like the FTC forcing the site owner, Craig Brittain's hand? I didn't think so either. The FTC eventually did speak with the site owner twice, but that had no effects on how or when the site was shut down. As a matter of fact, the FTC operated illegally in their investigation into the site owner, but you don't see anybody pointing the finger at the FTC for that. NOBODY CARES! Their claims are not only ridiculous, but stupid as f**k. They want to take the glory of shutting the site down, when I was the one who had it shut down. So IDK where they are getting their assumptions from, other than their own foolish pride, but it's just NOT TRUE and pretty pathetic of them to spread about me in the first place!

"Chance is a dirtbag"

I included this one just for fun. But, in order to be a dirtbag, don't you have to actually BE a dirtbag and do dirtbag things? Last I checked, I was a good guy trying to do the right thing all the time. But, hey... to each their own. Believe what you want, cuz honestly, I don't care what you think. I'm just tired of having to explain myself about things that are neither here nor there. After all, everyone has an opinion. Heh, how do I know the person reading this isn't a dirtbag?


THERE YOU HAVE IT! All the dumbest rumors I have ever witnessed being spread about me. If you know me, then you obviously already knew that these rumors just aren't true at all, and in fact, you've probably emailed those jackasses and told them to leave me alone. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time, they're stupid AF and they refuse to take down their blasphemous articles until they get sued by a lawyer. And what do I care if they never come down? If you actually believe this horsesh*t, then I would rather you not be a part of my life. I mean, if you think I'm such a horrible person without even asking me for my side of the story or getting to know me at all, then why would I even want you around me? You're obviously not smart, easily entertained, or you're a horrible person just like they are. How can I sit here and say you're possibly horrible? Because, you would rather spread a rumor and further attempt to destroy someone's life instead of letting the rumors die there. Does it make you feel better to spread gossip? Think about what it's doing to the person you're spreading it about. And I'll end this horsesh*t rumor mill page on that.