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Chance is an author who has received exclusive 1 on 1 Psychic Awareness training, Tarot Card Reader training, Public Speaker training, Book Publishing training, and Life Coach training. Chance comes from a long family line of Psychics, Clairvoyants and Tarot Readers. This makes Chance Trahan a truy gifted individual with talents that are out of this world. Dubbed as someone special who is sent from a distant star to excite people, Chance is ready to take on the world as a clairvoyant, psychic, and medium to change lives.

Do you have a loved one who has passed on? Do you think of someone who has passed away all the time? Chance can help answer any questions or burning desires that you may have about this person’s passing, or even for things that are still yet to come. Chance reads tarot cards, can speak to spirit, can relay messages from the dead, and more!

About Chance’s gifts:

I have received messages from spirit for a very long time, and at first I didn’t want to hear it. I tuned out any and all messages from spirit as it was a bit overwhelming. I discovered that I was able to remotely view people’s surroundings since I was about 13 when I was on the phone with someone I had never met before. I got curious about the visions I had and started questioning the person’s surroundings, asked very specific questions about what they were wearing, the layout of the house they were in, how the rooms were decorated, and to top it all off, I was absolutely correct about what I was seeing.

I’ve always been a skeptic about people who say they can do these things, so I am my own biggest critic. I broadcast using an app called Live.Me and received a Halloween featured show, and that was my first big test to see if I really could speak to spirit, or if I was just imagining things. I freaked people out, unintentionally made them cry, and have blown people’s minds with how accurate I truly am. When I was doing this, I kept second guessing myself, saying that there’s no way that this thought I am having could be right… but then it was only confirmed once I uttered what I was hearing, seeing, and/or thinking.

Just last week I went to a job interview and felt so good about it afterwards that I treated myself to lunch at a restaurant close by. While there, a group of nice ladies sat next to me at the bar while I was eating, and I found out they were from Long Island. So immediately, my first questions was if she knew who Long Island Medium was… and she said of course. So naturally I told her that I can do exactly what she does. She said oh, okay, and I had the feeling that she just didn’t believe me. So I internally asked spirit if I should prove it, and right away I was receiving messages from spirit. I should have asked her beforehand if it was okay to do, but I couldn’t resist the urge.

I heard the word brother, or better yet, it crossed my mind. So what did I do? I asked if she has a brother. She confirmed that she does. I got the message about looking after him, and I asked her if she looked after him somehow, or if someone she knows does, and she said yes, that she looks after him. Here’s the clincher… she turned to her friend and asked how the F I knew that. Her friend looks over at me and says that I just freaked her friend the F out. I apologized for not asking for permission first, but then she looks over and tell me that there’s no way I could have known all of that.

I ended the conversation as they were now leaving with an affirmation that she was going to have to be there for something important for him soon and that she will know when and what for, but it will be soon. She thanked me and then moved on with her friends to enjoy the rest of their stay here in Vegas. I just hope that I made their vacation here interesting, because it is a special gift I have to give people that I do not openly show to too many people. I am afraid of criticism, I am afraid to be called a fake, so I mostly keep it to myself and tune out what I hear on a normal basis.

Since my broadcast on Live.Me I had on Halloween, Live.Me has made me an official volunteer, where I submit ideas to make the app better. I do not get paid for it, but I enjoy making the app safer and updated with new and exciting features. In my free time I like to work for Postmates making deliveries. I’m simple, yet very creative and I like to chase my dreams and aspirations. I hope to become a professional medium and tarot card reader, because it’s something I enjoy doing, and spirit has told me that I have done this in a previous lifetime.

Spirit’s exact words to me were… “Ahh, I see you’re still playing with the cards.” It was relayed to me by another medium. Keep in mind that a lot of the time I tend to tune spirit out as a reflex to getting bombarded by messages, because spirit recognizes someone who can do it, and they are just like humans, they harass these individuals, they beg them to relay messages, and I just cannot physically do it for everyone all the time. After a reading that gets really intense, I tend to feel drained, and it takes its toll on me… but it’s something I love to do.

Once during one of my spirit reading broadcasts, I had what felt like 20 million spirits bombarding me with messages, speaking at speeds so fast that I cannot understand them. I had to tell the spirits to slow down, otherwise I would shut down our connection and move on. It didn’t work too well, because the spirit was so excited that they could speak with their family, but I did get the message across, and we had a rather silly reading that night that left everyone laughing uncontrollably and bursting at the seams. They even started trying to possess my body, but I am not one who allows that to happen. I had to speak it into existence that, “This is my body, my temple, my vessel… spirit is not welcome in it.” it can be very scary playing with spirit, hence why I have tuned it out a lot of the times. I am in control of my mind and body, and I recognize when a spirit is trying to enter me, and I simply will not allow spirit to attach itself to me at all costs.

When spirit speaks to me, I have to clear my mind. It’s fun, but as you can see it can be very taxing, difficult to understand them, and sometimes hard to process. But the effects and relief other people experience is amazing. I enjoy sharing my gift with people, because of the profound effects it has on their lives.

If you would like to schedule a reading, whether it be spirit, tarot or both, then please contact me using this form. I would love to share my gifts with you. We can have a private Skype session, or we can work out other options if you prefer it to be in person, or if you would like to have a live crowd while being broadcasted. We can make arrangements whatever your request may be. Thanks for taking the time to read my story and I hope to hear from you soon!

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