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Chance Trahan auditioned for the hit TV show "The Voice" in Las Angeles in August of 2015. He showed up early to get his place in line, met some really cool people who were fellow hopeful contestants, and learned quite a bit about the process along the way. "It was a lot of fun, but boy was I glad to be going home, that was intense." -Chance Trahan

Chance Trahan shares his experience auditioning for The Voice

When I auditioned for The Voice, I kept telling myself that I wasn't nervous. And, I wasn't nervous until I saw everyone else. I was perfectly calm, I was perfectly fine, but then I started seeing other people, and I saw that there was a lot of excitement going on and that everyone else was nervous too. And it rubbed off on me, it kinda rubbed off on everyone. But, now that I've tried out once and bombed, I think I might have learned how to redeem myself. But in order for you to understand what I mean, you have to know exactly how it went down.

Okay, this is how it went... I showed up, I found my way to the entrance, I checked in at the table, I got in line and I auditioned... And just like that, it was over before I even knew it. It was a no. A big fat stinkin' no. And not only was it a no, it was also a no for 8 other people as well. It was only a yes for 1 other person, and that person was not me. That person might have blew their shot, because I have yet to see them on the show. They beat me and 8 other people just in order to possibly blow their shot. But there was a strong lesson to learn from them, he wanted to show you how to get passed the first round, and quite possibly how to win the whole thing. But who was this person? He changed my entire life and had shocked my senses to their entire core, this kid had talent and it was so much talent that it quite literally freaked me out.

The person that got through to the next round's name is "Dallas Walls" and you better believe that he is very talented, this kid has it all, the X Factor, the raw and unnerved talent, he had everything, and though I felt played by him after the way everything went down, I really do congratulate him on knowing what to do and advancing when no one else did. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen anybody do, and I immediately felt resentful. Why hadn't I thought of that? Why hadn't I thought of that every time I had auditioned ANYWHERE for that matter? OMG, could you imagine what I would have been like playing guitar in the Blue Man Group? I could, and boy was I upset when I didn't get to make it. "Tough luck, kid. Try harder next time." -Old man in the audience

So, yeah, it was a really rough first audition to the giant that is The Voice. But believe me, our last minute hotel we were staying at was even worse(bed bugs, yuck). As soon as I got home from Cali, I did 3 things, I took a thousand degree shower, bleached all of my clothes from the trip, and then I looked up this Dallas Walls character that wow'd and amazeballsed us all. And when I found him I couldn't believe what I was reading. Dallas Walls is a professional at auditioning, so you darn tootin' he knew what he was doing. And boy did he know how to be great at doing it, so my dude, congratulations! You really did a darn good job at pulling off that first round, you were so good it was scary and I love you for that, thank you, Dallas!

"So, how did he do it? How did Dallas Walls make it to the second round, how did he beat you out, Chance, how did he do it!?" Ok, ok, I'm getting there, jeeze! Lol. This dude was full of excitement. Blow you right out of the water excitement. This dude was so excited that you could see it in his eyes. This dude could have parted the Red Sea with how exciting he was. Like, no shet. I'm freaked the F out and crying over how much more exciting this guy was than me. He was so excited he could hardly contain it. Imagine a hyper kid that just won't shut up about the new Star Wars or whatever nerdy crap their into, and you're just like OMFG SHUT UP! Yeah, that exciting. For real, dude was clapping to your audition, snapping his fingers to the next, coaching encouragement during your audition, the dude would not shut up, but that's what they're looking for. They want to keep remembering you. Isn't that pathetic? That's what they want for their show. They don't want raw talent, they want you to be persistent. They want you to be their mule, and I have just struggled with that this entire freaking time. Maybe I don't suck, maybe that's why I botched it, maybe I'm crazy and I do suck, and that's why I lost, but IDK, and IDC tho because I'm doing me, and I'm having fun, you know?

Now to tell you what happens during the first round... You get there, they line you up with 9 other people, they take your passes from you and stack them up one by one. The person in the front of the line goes last.

You walk into a room with 10 chairs, 1 table, and 1 judge. It's not the judges you see on TV, as a matter of fact, it's nothing like what you see on TV. You don't get a microphone, you don't get a big band or a backing track, and you don't get to play guitar. But they want you to dress the part, they want you to be cinematic and animated, and they want you to be overly confident in such a way that it severely outshines other performances. And even though that it's titled "The Voice" they want you to be the full package and it's only 50% about your voice, however it's 100% about your attitude, and they even want to see it in the clothes that you wear.

They're going for a certain look, persona, and performance. It's deceiving though, because you go there thinking that it's all about your voice, when in fact... it's almost not. It's about your voice, but that's not all there is to it.

You have to be very, very confident. Don't sing for anyone else beforehand, and don't be afraid to support other people's performances, because it'll psych you up and get you pumped up about your own performance, and that's what they're looking for. Extreme confidence and they want you to be cocky. Peacock your way into their hearts.

I sat there and watched everyone get up from their chairs and bomb, 1 by 1 and it got to me, it made me nervous and though I sang good, I was still nervous, tense, and it showed here and there at times in my voice and it especially was present in how stiff my body was during my performance. I walked up there to the front of the tape marked on the ground with my hands in my pockets. It was a bad move. A bad start to something that didn't go as well as I had hoped for.

They put you in the room with 2 rows of 5 chairs next to each other facing towards the center of the room. So, you're looking at 5 other hopefuls sitting across from you, and 1 by 1 you each go up to the tape marked closest to the judge's table. And 1 by 1 you sing what you've prepared. I cut my performance short because I was given ill advice to start at the strongest part of the song. But I had practiced from the beginning til after the first chorus, and that was probably what made me the most nervous because my muscle memory wasn't used to starting from that point in the song. I had practiced it in front of so many people who were my passengers while Uber and Lyft driving, and they all said it was fantastic, and that they really hoped I made it on TV. I almost did, if I would have just believed in myself, dressed exactly how I wanted to and did it exactly how I practiced, I'm sure I would have.

So, you just get up there and sing, and then you just keep singing until the judge tells you to stop. I only sang the bridge and then the chorus, and then I was done. It wasn't very exciting, and it was a mistake to do anything other than the way I practiced it. So my advice to you is not to get any ideas, just do what you planned, do what you've prepared and be confident, and if this is what you want, then don't give up. Oh yeah, and don't forget to dress the part. This is TV!

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