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This is my write up stating the facts and popular opinions of the cannabis industry's end of prohibition and the government's stance on marijuana legalization. The first thing noticed about cannabis legalization is that it's starting to spread to new states like wildfire. This is both good and bad news for the cannabis industry because now the government is involved which based on history is typically something citizens don't want... more government overreach into areas they don't belong having their hands in. For example, if you had a cookie jar and the cookies inside of it were special to you, would you appreciate the government reaching into your cookie jar and taking what they think is their fair share without consulting you first? Maybe you don't like sweets or cookies at all and maybe that was a bad way to relate it to you, but if that's the case, just replace cookie jar with something else you can relate to just for the sake of the points I'm trying to make here.

The Cannabis Industry End Of Prohibition And The Government's Stance on Marijuana Legalization

Immediately after the Nevada End of Prohibition, I saw some really nasty moves being played by the government in the same manner they had completely neutered the vaping industry in the middle of it's big boom. With my experience in the political realm as a campaign leader, a precinct committeeman, and several other various volunteer positions that I could fit myself into properly... I have noticed this hostile takeover trend going on over and over. You see it in campaigns, on voting floors, in government town hall meetings, you see it everywhere you look in politics. The sad fact is that we can fight back against the government, but it has to be organized and it has to be done the right way. This is not a call for action to fight against the government, what this simply is is an informative blog post meant to educate you on the good and bad that is being seen in the Marijuana industry, and what you can personally do to help fix it, or even to legalize it.

Legalize It

So, how was marijuana legalized? It wasn't the petitions of signatures(not that that doesn't help, it is just a minor factor in the bigger picture of ending prohibition), it was testimony. The testimony behind one's experiences expressed with conviction is what gets you somewhere in politics. It isn't threats, it isn't going crazy on politicians for their decisions(although I actually have seen progress be made with semi-hostile behavior where the politician was threatened to have the truth told about them if they decided to keep going the awful direction they're headed and as a result, they dropped out of the race completely), it isn't organizing people to flash-mob the meetings politicians have(that kind of behavior will get you kicked out of the establishment and possibly banned from all future events). So now that you know that, I hope it makes it easier to deal with the frustration that comes from ill-devised political moves, and how to combat their faulty decisions in the best way possible. If you want your testimony heard, it is best for you to give it in a manner in which is well thought out and makes a solid point without wildly going off on the subject that is listening to you.

"Don't Let Your Teen's Summer Go To Pot" is what's written on a politician's podium while giving a speech that speaks out against "Kid Marijuana Harm Risk"

I've studied politics on my own since I was a kid as to not have biased opinions about candidates or topics that comes from other sources that are not my own opinions. I base my studies on facts I've learned, and through my own personal experiences with the politicians or opinions myself. I look at facts and shun other's opinions. So what's up with the Nevada End Of Prohibition? Well, plenty... the first thing I noticed was that on the first day of the End of Marijuana Prohibition there were so many people lined up to get legal marijuana that it took over 3 hours just to get into the building to get it(Obviously there's a serious demand for it). Another thing I noticed was that cannabis dispensaries were running out of supply in order to meet their demands.

Government Overreach

What? Did he just say what I think he said? Yes, yes he did. But doesn't that mean that they can't keep up with the demand? Sure, but lets dig deeper into why this happened. When I kept seeing the notice that said that the dispensaries were all running low, and not at just one location, I immediately had questions for the dispensary employees. So, what did I find out? I found out that the government was making it harder on the dispensaries by attempting to position themselves as the marijuana distributors to every local cannabis dispensary in Nevada. WHAT? WHAT THE? THE GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO BE THE MARIJUANA DISTRIBUTOR? YEAH, YOU HEARD ME RIGHT! THE GOVERNMENT IS ATTEMPTING TO MONOPOLIZE THE LEGAL MARIJUANA INDUSTRY! AND I'M STILL HERE ASKING MYSELF THE QUESTION OF "WHAT?!"

Why would the government do such a thing? My first assumption is that they're greedy, they're opportunists at all costs, and that they want to corner the market harder than Las Vegas's Mob ever cornered the casino industry. Wait, now this is starting to make sense... Nevada, Las Vegas, Mob, Corner the Market. Perhaps it's not government overreach, what if that move was the mob? WHAT? THE MOB DOESN'T STILL EXIST IN VEGAS! I'M HERE TO TELL YOU THAT YES, IT DOES! You can't seriously sit here and tell me that you think that American authorities have completely put a stop to organized crime, or that they've eradicated mob members in the same fashion that Hitler would see fit. It's just not logical. Vegas is still mob run, and maybe this is actually info that belongs on my Vegas post, but it relates to the behavior I've noticed, so you do the math.

On-Site Consumption

Anyhow, on with the article. I have personal experience with 2 different states and their legalization of marijuana, and in both states it's legal to consume on site while at a dispensary, but no dispensaries are currently allowed to move forward with any consumption room plans. That doesn't mean you can't plan, that just means that you can't legally consume marijuana on site just yet... even though it's completely legal. I've heard rumors that Nevada was doing this because they hadn't figured out how to properly implement it in a safe and smart way. Okay, so if that's the case, then why even make it legal right now? I appreciate the fact that the act, in all of it's glory, is deemed legal. However I do not appreciate the fact that the government then drags their feet on the rationalization of moving forward with something you just had legalized. "Hey, I know it's legal... but don't do it." What kind of mentality is that? What kind of statement does that make to citizens? What logic is behind that? I am convinced that there is no logic behind it, and that the government just doesn't know what to do in that situation, even though people are seemingly consuming it wherever they feel like it anyways.

It's not often when in a dispensary that you hear people ask where they can legally smoke it, but it does happen. What are people told usually? They are told to just go places people won't bother them. I've seen people tell others to just do it outside even though it's illegal to consume outside of your own home or whoever's home, but it has to be indoors and away from the general public. I didn't say that it has to be indoors or away from the general public, I used the word 'and.' Granted that I don't think you can legally tell someone that you can just smoke it outside, but who is there to stop them from telling them, and furthermore... who is there to tell them that they can't smoke it outside if they're alone and no one is around to notice? "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it really even make a sound?"

Stay Tuned

Well, there is definitely more info and resources coming to this post that will help you stay informed on the marijuana industry and the legalization of cannabis, so check back real soon. Thank you for reading! :)