Published on January 13th, 2016 by Chance in Success,


Hey, I'm always studying up on how to be an entrepreneurial shark who is a master of sales and I watch a lot of Shark Tank and other similar shows about saving businesses, and I decided to start posting articles about the sales and business tactics I've picked up along the way. If you'd like to learn more about business and sales tactics, then post a comment at the bottom of the screen and ask me all your questions about sales and business that you can think of and I will answer them for you the best that I can! I respect the sharks in today's industry for helping other businesses reach their level of financial freedom and their level of success, because there are too many that look down upon others once they reach that position.

In the words of Robert Herjavec, "It's amazing" what these guys can do, and the good news is that you can effectively do it too! It just takes some dedication and remembering to employ all of these tactics at the right time in order to close sales regularly and drive customers who have no interest in buying your products. Follow @RobertHerjavec Because he's always dropping advice regularly on his Twitter on how to become a master at your craft. Also, follow me too: @TheChanceTrahan because I always post links to articles or picture quotes that help keep you on your game and mastering your craft as well. I want you to succeed!

Being a fan of shows like Shark Tank, The Profit, Bar Rescue, Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen have taught me a substantial amount of info about running a business, mastering your craft, being a great salesman and becoming your own entrepreneur. I love the life of business and I love being an entrepreneur because as Daymond John says, "As an entrepreneur, anyone has an equal shot at success." It truly equalizes the playing field, and you can either be a dirt-bag salesman or an honest salesman and let me be the 1st to tell you that being an honest salesman will always get you a lot further than the latter in the game of life.

Here are two videos from ABC News showing how to sell like a "Shark Tank" Shark.

Follow this link if you'd like to jump right to the 5 keys to selling like a shark. 5 Ways To Close The Sale

Follow this link if you'd like to see the entire video. Learn The Tricks Of The Trade In Selling Like A 'Shark Tank' Star

Download a free copy of Chance Trahan's transcript of Robert Herjavec's 5 key sales tips

Here's a free copy of the Shark's Mastering Sales PDF article by Chance Trahan. I've written based on what Robert Herjavec taught me while watching him help others master their pitch on ABC's 20/20.

I encourage you to be an honest salesman or saleswoman. You will feel better about your job and you will also feel a lot better about your quality of life. Do you have any sales advice? Tweet a comment to me and tell me your sales advice, link or anything else you feel you would like to chat about.