Published on January 9th, 2016 by Chance in America,


Hi and welcome to my journal, I'm a huge fan of Marcus Lemonis and his show The Profit. When I first saw The Profit TV show, it was a time when I was watching shows like Bar Rescue and Shark Tank religiously. The first thing about Marcus Lemonis that grabbed my attention right away was that he was a different breed of businessman, meaning that he wasn't coming across angry like a lot of the other investors or businessmen in television today. Marcus Lemonis is able to control his anger, and at first that was something that I just couldn't fathom. Especially after seeing how hard some investors had to buck back against business owners in order to make certain things happen for the business, but Marcus has his own unique approach towards business. It's something that I admire and am truly fascinated with.

Fans of shows like The Profit, Shark Tank and Bar Rescue know exactly what I am talking about... the rigid personality, the demand for action to happen on behalf of the company, or the yelling, screaming and arguing that takes place in the establishment. But that's not how Marcus operates. Marcus has a cool swagger about him that comes off as a nice guy, and it is often at the expense of his own personal investments into companies that tend take advantage of his generosity. And even though this happens, in the end, Marcus still comes out on top, simply because he's not only the one with the knowledge who can save the business, but also the person with the check book that will make or break the business as well.


Marcus Lemonis, the man on a mission to change failing businesses for good. As long as company owners are willing to accept that he may only have a 50% stake in the company, but he is 100% in charge, then they will see a change in their business for the better. Why is Marcus 100% in charge? What gives him the right? After all, it's not his business. However, it is his money! And if he's going to invest his own money into a business, I'm pretty sure that he wants to make sure it's optimized for maximum profitability so he can not only get his money back, but also to make sure that everyone is happy and making money for themselves also. Isn't that what a company goes into the business for in the first place? You would think so, but some companies have otherwise entitled owners that might have inherited the company. And these types of people don't necessarily know how to run it, or sometimes they don't know how to get out of the way in order to allow it to be run properly by the people who may have been there the whole time that know how to run it themselves. With all of that said, that's where someone like Mr. Lemonis has difficulty with being able to help businesses after he invests and writes a check for several thousands of dollars to save the company. After investing his own hard-earned money, he wants to know that the company can survive after he leaves, he wants to know that he doesn't have to babysit the company once he walks away.

I respect Marcus, because he's willing to sacrifice his own money on just a handshake alone. That's a sign on a true businessman, and you won't hardly see that anymore. It's very rare that someone is willing to come in, save a failing company, and invest their own money. A lot of the times you won't see very many people willing to come in and save a failing company, invest their own money, and then spend the time changing everything it takes in order for that business to survive. But Marcus has a different attitude, one that's a winning attitude, one that's not going to take no for an answer, one that's going to get things done because they need to get done or else the business fails. The most important thing people should know about Marcus Lemonis is that he believes that people are a big part part of the equation of success. This is a point that every company should understand, and how you treat the people that work for your company is how far the company is willing to work for you. A business can't be ran alone, and the community support is what makes all the difference in a company. As a business owner, are you listening to your employees? Are you giving the right amount of attention to the details of your business and the establishment that it takes to make it run smoothly? Odds are, that your employees are. And let me be the first to tell you that a business cannot be ran alone, and the people that support it is what makes all the difference in the world when it comes to business.

Marcus has the experience and knowledge to save just about any business, and the best part about it is that it's not always about money to him. It's about People, Product, Process. What seems to be important to Marcus, is that the owners always do the right thing, openly tell the truth about their losses or mishaps so they can fix it, and are willing to do any job in the company that it takes in order to rehabilitate the company's process. These are all key factors for a business to survive in this economy.

"The Profit" is one of the most educational shows about business to date, so if you're struggling in business, then do yourself a favor and watch this show. Marcus has helped businesses in the past, like AutoMatch USA, Sweet Pete's, The Simple Greek, and has even made a success of his very own business Camping World. Season 3 of The Profit starts Tuesday, May 12th so be sure to set your DVRs to record this series, or tune in live and be prepared to learn all there is to know about the ups and downs about business, because believe me there are major ones, and Marcus goes through it all to successfully turn things around for struggling business owners.

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