Published on September 21st, 2015 by Chance in Chance,

Chance wasn't always the big shot people see him as today. In fact, Chance often thought of himself as a big shot, but had hardly made headway into big shot territory. When Chance grew up, it took him a long time to find his balance, especially between all of his different creative energies. This was especially true when he had no direction to guide him. He grew up and didn't want to listen to authority, he didn't want to conform to society, and sometimes still doesn't. But there is quite a story to tell about Chance's past that has led him to his future path.


Chance Trahan was born in Jennings, Louisiana. Shortly after he was born, his mom left his dad and moved to Houston, Texas where Chance would spend his years growing up, going to school and learning music. His mom met his step-dad and they moved to San Antonio, Texas. After the relationship crumbled, Chance and his mom moved back to Houston where he would spend several more years going to elementary and Jr. High without a father figure. Chance's mom knew that he needed one, so she ended up with his step-dad again and together they all moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is where Chance would finish out High School and start breaking into the music scene like he had always wanted to do. Trouble seemed to follow Chance wherever he would go, and he struggled to maintain the path that he had set out for. After living in Colorado for about 5 years, it came time to move out, and so he chose to follow his favorite band at the time, Slipknot, and meet them in Portland, Oregon. He met a girl there and they lived together for a while but one month later when it didn't work out, he moved in with a band mate in Salem, Oregon. When the band member's dad started beating on their mom, Chance motivated the mom to call the cops on the abusive drunk father. This got him kicked out in a month of living there. The band members stole Chance's brand new guitar and amp that he had just bought, so now Chance was broke and out a rather expensive investment into his career, so he called his mom and moved with her and his step-dad again but this time in Las Vegas, Nevada. The year was now 2000 and anything was possible. Chance managed a local band named Sic Inside and he took the band to new heights, selling out shows, namely one on the Las Vegas BLVD strip inside of Gameworks. After the band broke up Chance started pursuing his own music, collaborating with several artists, all the while working on his own brand of music.