Published on October 20th, 2017 by Chance in Success,

As an entrepreneur I've become obsessed with the TV Show Shark Tank, and with my interest in graphic design, business plan building, creative developments, business ideas, and website design my life has taken me places I could never have imagined. Starting my musical journey with my first drum set at 2 years old and later fully blossoming as a clairvoyant, I've found myself dabbling in consulting real estate agents, in which I've helped almost all of them to create a website. Daymond John has always helped be a mentor to me and several other entrepreneurs. He's helped me understand important things by motivating and inspiring me to ask myself the toughest questions such as; what is entrepreneurship, or what is needed when starting a business?

Being a website maker and music producer who is actively producing music websites, I use a lot of music search queries for all types of things like music website templates and artist bios, A lot of the time I've put me before you and it's led me to book some of the hottest artists and most popular talent. I've begun a path of social entrepreneurship with the characteristics of an entrepreneur that is relentless in their work when building a web design company providing the best website design when designing for women or men.

I've been learning how to make a sale like sharks do, mastering video production, promoting women entrepreneurs, supporting and inspiring entrepreneur ideas, helped to launch plenty of start up businesses, I've been featured in an entrepreneur magazine, worked with a production company or 2, launched a new web development company, worked right alongside plenty of famous entrepreneurs, and have even found time to fine tuned my skills as a psychic medium. Throughout my time in growing as a businessperson I've helped young entrepreneurs reach new heights and broaden their horizons.

I'm someone who's always battled with PTSD, anxiety and depression. So, focusing on things like my website design company, and helping start up companies has allowed me to help me tune out distractions and become a better version of myself. I've created designer tops with my Mafia Illuminati brand and have been focusing hard on a lot of different productions that are related to that brand as well. Another of my most favorite entrepreneurs that has taught me the importance of entrepreneurship, and in my opinion is one of the most successful entrepreneurs, that is a huge inspiration when it comes to my methods of entrepreneurship development is Marcus Lemonis. Both Daymond and Marcus inspired me to get my life coach certification, set leading entrepreneur examples, read the right entrepreneur books, sharpen all of the right entrepreneurial skills, help me build a proper designer sale.

I am someone who is an entrepreneur that wants to help other entrepreneurs, that's why I became a life coach. So, what is a life coach? A life coach is someone who asks you specific questions in a way that helps you find your own solutions. When working with film production companies, I've learned how to be an entrepreneur in very creative ways. It's opened me up to fully understand what web designing truly is because it's not just a simple webpage anymore, it's also a very long list of entrepreneurs that are involved in making not only the webpage, but the entire project absolutely come to life. Site design is a challenge, but knowing a business entrepreneur like me can be beneficial. Sure you can hire Indian entrepreneurs to help define your own entrepreneurship, but wouldn't it be much more helpful from someone whom you can easily relate to? Someone you can express your ideas and be confident in the level of quality you're getting when it comes to getting your message across effectively whether on social media or even just your bio!

I'm a huge fan of fubu clothing, which is a clothing design company created by Daymond John, but the question is on if they will make a comeback or not. My predictions are that they eventually will. Which brings me to my next subject... I get asked "are mediums real" a lot... And I just want to first clarify that a medium is someone who can talk to spirit that has passed on and not necessarily someone that can see into the future. Psychics and Mediums have been known to be frauds, but if you know the difference between the two, then you should know who's who when it comes to telling the difference between fake and real and psychic and medium(but don't forget about clairvoyant).

A lot female entrepreneurs are also talented in web design and development, and they have shared many successful entrepreneurial stories. A lot of women are also talented at creating men's designer clothes. Women tend to know what they want men dressed in and they are familiar with what will attract their eye. That's why you see a lot of creative websites coming from women as well, they tend to look at things differently than males do and have what is known as a woman's touch. If you join any entrepreneur's organization, make sure you've vetted them and they check out. You don't want to go into a think tank with someone who's only goal is to brainwash you.

People ask me a lot for free medium readings, and they're always looking for free website developers, and these requests go against the concept of entrepreneurship. Cause when you're making a business plan, and also asking yourself, "am i psychic", and you're one of the top entrepreneurs, and the entrepreneur with some of the most cool website designs, you tend to help a lot of other people get their web design online. I started out trying to fit in somewhere in web app development, but ended up a full blown entrepreneur living in residence of Phoenix and Las Vegas. I would read all of the entrepreneurship articles I could find, and I'd ask myself, "what's an entrepreneur", and where can I get some kind of web developer certification. These are some of the things that most teen entrepreneurs worry about at first. I've even wanted to always create web design apps that teach you css and html the easy way, I've even wanted to bring it onto the shark tank. But as an online entrepreneur and also a creative entrepreneur, the introduction to entrepreneurship and meeting innovative entrepreneurs in my field has helped me sort of sit back and reconsider my lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

To become the best entrepreneur, you eventually have to lean how to web design websites. You could always use a website builder, but those are usually unprofessional and they put branded links on your webpages and no one ever takes you seriously because of that. The top 10 entrepreneurs always focus on the next most affordable entrepreneurial opportunities and steps that they can make without breaking their wallet. They might even find musicians who had to focus on their creative web design in order to get their music out there to the masses.

But, me... I ended up focusing on how to be a life coach, a psychic who sees patterns that predicts the future, and I also focused on entrepreneurial finance. I couldn't help but build a web company, entrepreneur blog, and become a top insider business consultation provider in the world. I did it by focusing on the latest entrepreneur news, and I even started writing a movie script with my cousin! But if I was to become something like an entrepreneur of the year for all of my innovating and pioneering of the international entrepreneurship goals of others overseas with the use of social media, then that would be an entrepreneur's dream come true.

If you want to become the best entrepreneur, then you have to dig deep into the history of entrepreneurship. Most people who make it you don't even hear about. They become an internet entrepreneur, and never share their entrepreneur stories. It would be easy for them to do too. They could use website graphics expressing entrepreneurism, their actions of incorporating global entrepreneurship, if they went to school for website design or not, which movie inspired them, what web development news they're into, if they're a tech entrepreneur or not, if they've joined the Daymond John family or not yet, whether they're a fashion entrepreneur with plenty of entrepreneurial resources, web development apps, web development books, life coaching books, entrepreneur school they learned from.

As the designer of the web, I've caught the eye of Shark Tank's Daymond John and other celebrities with some of my best designs. 10 entrepreneur mistakes that entrepreneur people make all come down to one issue that arises that can solve every single one of them. It's easy, you take the time to get to know the mentor entrepreneur you'd like to achieve the success of. It took me time to be able to even see Daymond John with his children, he's a very loving father. Becoming the best web development company, online medium, entrepreneurship major and even a pioneer in promoting successful women entrepreneurs, web design and graphics for sites became my most useful tool. Sure, I was good at clairvoyant readings, but building entrepreneur websites and helping brand entrepreneur names led me to an entrepreneur center where I had learned leadership skills. I could create a list of successful entrepreneurs I had learned these tools from, and many more great entrepreneurs that helped mold this mind of mine, but I'd rather share their messages that have taught me so much!

Some of the top web design sites offer hosting, I do not. I would rather help the client learn how to do this on their own. It spreads even more advanced small business entrepreneurship. American entrepreneurs would be surprised to find out how willing people in other countries are to work with someone in America with a huge vision in order to help their economy, I always wanted to create a web design school where anyone in any language could easily learn photoshop and web-design. Some of the richest entrepreneurs with even the best entrepreneur ideas aren't even doing this. Why not? Some almost-famous women entrepreneurs have done this and got a lot of money from the ads on their website. I've hosted and held an entrepreneurship workshop, and one of the things I've always wanted to do is become a food entrepreneur, you know, a self-made chef. Open my own restaurant, create my own brand. I think it would be fun and beneficial to our health if we eat right, it's affordable, and it's cooked just right with all the right amounts of spices added just for the flavor and not for the overbearing heat after you take a bite.

I've bought my first Daymond John book, and it's welcomed me into the Daymond Hohn house of business and entrepreneurship. It's helped me fine tune what I'm trying to accomplish with my web developer website, clairvoyant medium website, and to start my path as one of the most successful entrepreneurs on the rise. I started this all with a graphics company, which led me to an entrepreneur conference or two, which led me to write and publish my own life story book and one of the successful young entrepreneurs of our time listing all my accomplishments and hardships I faced while getting there. Watching the FUBU brand created by Daymond as I was growing up was crazy, because all the sudden you had seen tons of their clothes being knocked off in the flea markets.

Take my entrepreneur advice, all of the top entrepreneurs in the world, even the top women entrepreneurs, we all get knocked off from time to time. You can't let it stop you. You are the original, they are just a copy. I suggest you find a developer, maybe even hire a web development firm, find a future entrepreneur with a young entrepreneur's ideas, and create your own entrepreneur company. The most successful business in the world is done by entrepreneurs who started at home. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world are some of those top web development companies that started out as entrepreneurs in the world just trying to find their place, and now they're on the famous entrepreneurs list. Whether you need real estate web design, entrepreneurship advice, commercial videos, whatever it is you need to become one of best entrepreneurs in the world, I've got you covered. If you watch a famous business you see a lot of new entrepreneurs within their firm who don't even need to find a web designer in order to help the company. Us entrepreneurs who can do many things are not fully utilized by our employers, they could have a live psychic doing readings to help steer their business. But maybe that's just how I would do business.

I web development websites all the time, and when I build web development sites, I am sure to include an entrepreneur biography, so that way when people want to find a web developer specializing in online web development, it's easy for them to find a web designer and developer with the skills that they are looking for. Being an IT entrepreneur, I hope to reach the top of a list of the top 10 entrepreneurs in the world. I want my story about entrepreneurship told about how I reached the top 100 entrepreneurs and becomes one of the most successful businessmen. This time when my life story is told, I want the music of my life to inspire the music of your life to come to light. I want to walk into the Shark Tank with a guitar and make all the sharks just lose it. It would be funny to do that and then go into something totally off the wall like eco entrepreneurship, from someone who is considered the entrepreneur of the oil industry or something funny like that. It would be so funny to just spoof Shark Tank.

Shark Tank businesses actually do really well though. They understand what is meant by entrepreneur advice that is given to them before they go on the show. They find a designer, put their photography of the products they made onto the web, they hire the best web developers who build the best creative websites... and then they push their products. British entrepreneurs would make some of the best content presenters, their accent alone would capture the hearts of America. It's just something I've always noticed, American people are fascinated with British accents. Maybe it's because I'm a psychic clairvoyant that I know this, but some of the famous entrepreneurs in the world found some kind of pattern and worked it. They got the product to work for them. Like how Daymond John started with a fubu hat, he saw something that 100 famous entrepreneurs didn't. Even some of the well known entrepreneurs were beat out by the youngest entrepreneur in the world a time or two. It's amazing how kids understand exactly how to ask themselves the question of what is business entrepreneurship.

Some of the best stories of success come from black women entrepreneurs. They define some of the most successful entrepreneurs, and their story is always amazing. They share a wealth of entrepreneur information just within their story of their path to success alone. Women in business always know how to skim past the 10 entrepreneur mistakes easily. I don't even have to tell you what they all are because you've just got to get to know a successful businessman in the world, or a woman who is a successful businesswoman who is an entrepreneur that knows the answer to the questions of what is entrepreneurship. I'm hoping that as a psychic in 2017 I can shift the minds of others to recognize a World Entrepreneurship Day. I listen to many musicians and follow a lot of them too and wonder which of the following is an entrepreneur that is going to still be around in 5 years.

Any good entrepreneur, according to the most successful entrepreneurs in the world and their stories, would have a ten year game plan and an even bigger vision that can see what should happen for years to come. Being a real estate consultant has taught me a thing or 2, many of the top ten entrepreneurs, even modern entrepreneurs got their start in Real Estate. I've designed and posted lots of web design information, I've posted graphics displaying the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship beliefs that lead to success. I've been a web entrepreneur presenting entrepreneurship presentations, and heard many young entrepreneur's stories, and they all help inspire me. Running my web development business wasn't easy when I had a bad business partnership to begin with, it led me to run the company on my own.

I'm always sought out as an online clairvoyant, I teach people the entrepreneur words they need to know, how to get on Shark Tank 2017, I explain entrepreneurship so many times it makes my head spin, I read lots of articles from the people who rose to become a successful entrepreneur in 2016, I keep up with the latest trends in web design and web development, some of the trends of the top 10 successful businessmen, and even follow 10 successful entrepreneurs minimum so I can learn as much as I can about business and entrepreneurship. I once created an entrepreneurship questionnaire so that way people who wanted to get onto Shark Tank could prep their entrepreneur products or online entrepreneur ideas with the knowledge I had gathered from web development articles, and other methods of entrepreneurships, took a few good entrepreneur ideas, grabbed the hype from one of the top entrepreneur shows, and built an online business plan builder. How I describe entrepreneurship may differ from other popular entrepreneurs and best web designers in the world... and that's what I teach. I teach others how to think differently. It's because I'm dyslexic, but that story is for another time.