Published on April 21st, 2011 by Chance in COMPANY,

Corriv: A New Rideshare Company That Will Compete With Uber and Lyft For Immediate Release: Phoenix, AZ, December 22, 2015: Rideshare apps have become well-known since the companies offering the services keep on increasing in number. The services have introduced an awesome comfort for passengers moving from one place to another since the expenses are affordable. Several new Rideshare companies are coming up with numerous better approaches of attracting more customers. For the people who make use of rideshare, it’s going to be beneficial as they can travel to the place of desired destination in a stress-free mood. is a new rideshare company that is going to compete with Uber and Lyft rideshare services. Corriv will probably be a very helpful transportation service that will be operated in conjunction with drivers in a community for an effective platform enabling users to locate rides using their Smartphone. This Corriv Smartphone app will make it easy for interested riders to get in touch with reliable and friendly drivers within a community to make transportation from one place to another simple. The Direct Choice Rideshare System (DCRS) incorporated with the Android and Apple application of Corriv enables you to choose the suitable vehicle along with years, types, number of passengers, prices, and lots of other options by using a filtering system. You can then select a driver near you by tapping their icon on the GPS-powered guide and tapping the ‘request’ button. Using the anytime tipping functionality built into this Android and Apple application, you can tip your driver at any time before, after, or during your journey. The mission of this organization is to provide a fast, affordable ride as safely as possible. It is a new kind of rideshare app for a new kind of driving experience. About The Company: Corriv is a brand new rideshare service headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, specialized in providing a safe and fast ride to where you need to go at affordable rates. For more information visit