Published on January 7th, 2016 by Chance in COMPANY,

Chance Trahan is an Author, Entrepreneur, Political Leader, Musician, Rapper, Father, Graphics Designer, Web Developer, Real Estate Agent and Video Producer. Chance is the owner of several companies, including his own IT firm Search Engine Developers, his record label Mafia Illuminati, video production for Crossed Keys Photography and entertainment development company Starfire Talent, the founder and CEO of the Corriv Social rideshare app, and the author of the Ninja book series.


Chance Trahan understands that "content is king" and has provided some of the best content possible across his social media profiles. While Chance enjoys tweeting on Twitter the most, he can be found on several social media platforms, such as; Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and even Google+.

Chance Trahan has a knack for social media, he finds himself immersed in social networking and social media marketing all of the time. Chance Trahan is the king of social media management, and offers such services on his Search Engine Developers Website page. A lot of people will vouch that Chance is a social media guru and proves it with his proper use of social network etiquette when posting comments. Chance Trahan has posting on Instagram down to a science. Chance Trahan uses several popular hashtags on a regular basis in order to drive traffic to his posts. It seems that Trahan has not only killed it at making several high-profile connections, but also that Chance Trahan cannot be stopped no matter what kind of obstacle anyone throws in Chance's path.

Chance Trahan has sent cease and desist letters to people in the past that include professionally written information such as this;

You are infringing Chance's intellectual property. Please consider this a notice of infringement and a demand that you cease and desist from using Chance and from using any and all intellectual property owned by Chance. Regarding the DMCA, all content of Chance that you use is copyrighted material for which you are using without permission of the copyright owner; namely, Chance. You are also using Chance's registered trademarks without permission.

Social media domination comes easy for Chance Trahan, he's had years of practice in the information technology field. Chance Trahan is the #1 go-to guy for several people when they have questions about computers, social media profiles and technical help. Mr. Trahan has seen his fair share of his accounts attempting to be hacked into, ever since the good ol' MySpace days, there has been attempts to phish into other people's accounts. Thankfully, Chance Trahan has never seen any of his accounts hacked into, other than his account, which proved to be useless for the would-be hackers, because it uses an outdated password, an irrelevant email address and absolutely no personal information.

It's no wonder why Chance Trahan is the best at managing social media profiles, with his endless amounts of experience on the matter and years of managing social media profiles and building many of his own social networks, and also from creating one of his very own social network scripts. When it comes to building a social media empire, Chance Trahan is #1 at using his ninja skills in the field of networking and marketing.

Chance recently filled out a questionnaire about his experience in business, chose to share his answers with the public, and the following is what he came up with...



Chance Trahan


[email protected]



Home Town

Jennings, Louisiana



Social Media Links

Facebook URL

LinkedIn URL

Twitter URL

Instagram URL


Please describe your current employment and a description of your role.

President and CEO of the app company titled Corriv. I am currently recording my own songs and writing books, and selling the songs I currently have online. Also delivering part-time via postmates for extra cash until the Dryvyng launch date.

How many years of business experience do you have?

20+ years of business experience

Please describe any entrepreneurial experience you have.

I have sold music I made and also ran my own web and graphics business for several years. I started out as a starving artist and am blossoming into many areas of entrepreneurship. I am launching a rideshare app company and the app is in the development stage, but we have built everything else around the business side of it including a plan, a soft pitch, site, and 5 year projections. We are working on a full pitch deck and it will be completed in the near future, but for now we are focused on the app development in order to land an investment from Jason Feffer after attracting his attention by garnering interest in our local market alone.

What is the biggest BUSINESS challenge you have ever overcome?

Bad partnership. I have always helped my partners so much that it was not a healthy relationship for me. Going out of my way because I believe in them so much and have been let down and not knowing how or when to walk away. I have recently become better at it, but it has been the most toxic and difficult thing to over come.

What is the biggest PERSONAL challenge you have ever overcome?

Personally, it was overcoming letting go of custody issues in order to better myself. I have struggled so hard with not being able to be there for my kids, my family means everything and I care about my kids so much and being torn apart from them has hurt me so bad, but I'm bouncing back as best I can and working on me and that was the most difficult step for me to take, is letting go.

What is your ultimate goal in business?

The ultimate goal in business for myself is stability. But the goal is also to be able to give back to communities. I would like to be able to express my knowledge and skills in ways that inspire others to be the best that they can be. I would like to accomplish all of this as abundantly as possible.

If you had to brag about the four most important accomplishments in your career, what would they be?

First and foremost, being a voice for my country and our veterans in politics.

My second biggest accomplishment is being the owner and founder of my own company. I found myself making my own money independently without anyone's help, without having a boss, without being an employee. It took being a self starter, studying, trial and error, and I was able to successfully create my own income.

My third biggest accomplishment is gaining all of the diverse knowledge in every industry I possibly could. Industries like Politics, Real Estate, Music Business, Web and Graphics, Video Production, Online Marketing, social networking, IT, Android repair and operations, Android system maintenance, computer repair, programming, restaurants, customer service, holistic bodywork, tarot reading, life coaching, proofreading, authorship, publishing and the list goes on.

And my last, but not least of all my biggest accomplishments was teaching myself to be able to do everything on my own in order to keep as much of what I do as in-house as I possibly can without having to outsource and keep the process streamlined. I was able to educate myself outside of my schooling, and that to me is the most important. I am so proud to be able to say that I am mostly self taught and observant enough to be able to make anything happen that I set my mind to.

In summary, I am a self starter, I research everything it takes to make something happen, I put together the process, and then I do whatever it takes to get it done, I still like feedback and am able to take constructive criticism along the way with an open mind in order to better myself and the overall process.

How would you describe yourself in one word?


How would someone else describe you in one word?


What would someone close to you describe as your best and worst traits?

My best traits as told by others are that I am extremely talented and that my abilities to be creative just comes naturally for me. I'm fun to be around and I make people smile and laugh.

I am told that my worst traits are being a perfectionist, judgmental and telling others what to do instead of asking them to do something in a different way nicely and that I can be set in my ways.