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Growing up was never boring for Chance. He was usually found singing songs, dancing, playing guitar, reading poetry and books, though he has struggled all his life with dyslexia. He studied music and public speaking throughout most of his years in school, then became a Certified Life Coach.

Chance likes to cosplay. People say that this photo of him in costume looks like Cobra Commander from the movie/cartoon G.I. Joe, other say it looks racist. Chance knows the truth about this costume, it was made to resemble Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe. It was originally made with a white bandana with black spots, Chance erased the bandana paisley pattern with photoshop tools and there you have it, a photo of Chance in cosplay.

After 9 years in Vegas, where he was able to craft and hone his skills as a musician, Chance started remembering his first days of being there. When he moved to Las Vegas in 2000, it took him no time to find other musicians, and it only took him 5 years to totally make his first big scene meant to take over Las Vegas. Even though he had seen success with the band, Chance didn't really get to dig in his heels as an artist until he started working in the nightclub industry.

When he found and met the members of a small local band that was quickly forming called Sic Inside. After a full year of managing the band, Chance decided to focus on writing his own songs. He spent several years learning how to record music, building his home studio Mafia Illuminati, and working on several demos that he would later show to all his friends. Upon several occasions, Chance had passed his demo to a slew of nightclubs, getting them to spin his music and attempting to get nightclub event managers to sign contracts written up by Trahan himself. He used every opportunity that he could to share his demo with anybody who had the chance to get him noticed. This resulted in Chance Trahan working with a producer in Prescott Valley, Arizona shortly after moving to Phoenix that recorded the best work Chance has ever done in a semi-professional studio. The studio version of the song was not officially released to mainstream along with the rest of the music in Chance's proverbial book of songs he's written.

Chance spent quite some time in the studio alone and created his own synthetic styles of electronic and also styles of acoustic songwriting, with all of his songs tied in with his own heartfelt lyrics. When writing lyrics, he is always influenced by his own experiences that have came and went throughout his lifetime. Looking back at his home-bodied career as a self-made musician, Chance can't help but have a sense of pride in his work, yet still be humble enough to express gratitude for the heights he has not reached yet in his career.

Being an underground musician can be very confusing... First you're bright-eyed at the idea of your name in big bright lights on the sign showing who's playing the best venue in town soon, the crowd chanting your name, singing all your lyrics. You're totally sold on the idea, but then you stop to think about the promise you made to yourself when this all started. If you're a true artist who clings dearly to their creative work and are scared someone will steal it, but at the same time you'll willingly risk letting the song leak just to show your friends, then you might actually agree with the point I'm about to make here. As an underground artist, you made a promise to write whatever you want, you made a promise to never be controlled creatively, you promised not to sell your name, you promised to never let anyone steal the rights to your music, you promised to keep your music true to your core sound that you initially started with. Have you ever been such a great artist, but were afraid to actually succeed as an artist? Scared for everybody to know your name when you go out in public? Well, if not... then you must not be a song-writer. A true creator of content is scared to let their content be destroyed by the mainstream producers or the media, I'm a real big skeptic when it comes to the entire creative flow and existence of the music created by me. Maybe I am a control freak, but it is so beautiful of a creation to me that I just can't watch it be destroyed and consumed by the masses. For the longest time I didn't even want to put any lyrics over my music because I was afraid it would ruin the entire vibe and feel of the song, and the thought of selling my beats to someone else that won't respect it's craft, or even necessarily understand it the way I do, that's a nightmare on wheels. So with that all said, I am very selective of how I distribute my music. I will not pay services to push my content, I tried that path and they butchered the entire process. Hoever, I finally decided to get my music onto Google Play and then I eventually found BandCamp, and let me tell you, none of this was easy for me to do all by myself. There's a lot involved in putting your music online, you don't just make an mp3 and think you're just gonna upload it when you're done. No there's much more to the process such as; formatting wavs to mp3s, mp3s to wavs, creating the graphics, making banners, taking photos, writing bios, having a webpage for people to learn more about you... this list could go on all day.

In 1998 he self-released his underground album titled "Kataishin" featuring both rap and metal songs, and some rap-metal, there was a little bit of everything Chance did on that first album. It was wild, it was different, it was what everyone wanted to hear in a song, and he received critical acclaim from his peers. In 2005 after his year long stint with Sic Inside, Chance recorded and released 2 debut singles, The singles released were "Desinent" and "Howling," catchy, grunge-driven metal tracks that showcased his powerfully aggressive yet captivating voice and solid guitar riffs and sound structure that was what originally was the driving inspiration for the band Sic Inside. The release was then followed in 2010 by a few more home-released demos. One of these early demos released was one of Chance's favorites derived of the new electronic sound that he was working on. The demo is titled "Meant To Bleed," a dark and intense anthem geared towards government and veteran affairs that was encompassed with such compassion that its intensity is felt immediately by anyone who listens. "Spectre" and its follow-up title track, "Shadowar," were released independently from the same underground album.

In early 2015, his latest album "Taking Chances" arrived, featuring many brand new acoustic songs about his own tales of love and heartache. In 2016, Chance would finally release the song that would be his first major sale that he had actively pursued titled "Phantom". Phantom is a song about a person who misses someone so much that they somehow feel hauntingly close to them, as if the person they missed were a phantom just hanging around with them in the shadows, someone you can feel, but not necessarily see. The song was originally inspired by having a crush online, but never really getting to talk to that person in real life. Then he related his feelings of missing someone to someone who misses a phantom limb that they can still feel, but they know it's just in their mind, nothing is really even there physically. As 2018 approaches, Chance is busy writing a new album, a movie script, working towards coming out with a couple of new service apps, help clean up political nightmares, and last but not least... get a world tour under his belt.

Follow Chance on the live streaming app for your phone called Live.Me! He loves to broadcast himself reading tarot cards and being a medium for gifts! You could happen to hear one of Chance's newest songs that nobody has ever heard before, he could even perform for you live! He plays guitar and sings regularly on there, so be sure to follow him!