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Chance's life has been eventful to say the least. He suffers from and was diagnosed with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and Battered Spouse Syndrome. Chance lost his best friend(grandpa) at 10 years old, picked up sticks on a Smurf drum set that his grandpa bought for him on his second birthday, and was playing Elvis on guitar by the age of 3.

Making great strides despite his setbacks, when it comes to how Chance's brain is wired, you will learn something quite unique about his learning process. Possessing a form of dyslexia that not only pertains to written words, but also to everything that he encounters, Chance is a person who learns by reverse engineering coded information or even as complex as complete business infrastructures. This is somewhat the same mind of a hacker, except most of the code he is hacking is merely html, css, javascript, jQuery, PHP, and it's all related to front-end design. He also hacks phones to unlock them, root them, flash a whole different firmware system to the device.

After losing his father figure, which was his grandpa, at the mere age of 10 after seeing his miraculous 5 year survival after a car accident that was meant to instantly kill him, Chance started losing interest in school, family activities, which evolved into drugs, skipping school and having meaningless sex in Starbuck's bathrooms with girls who would later bare a bad reputation after sleeping with him. Chance's grandpa Russell Kibodeaux was a medical mystery that should go down in medical history books.

Chance started hanging out with the wrong crowd, which had gotten his house robbed by a person he thought was his friend while he was on vacation with his family. Chance once had a girlfriend that hadn't even made 30 and had already died of a heroin overdose. She was once allegedly pregnant with his kid, and after she chose tohave the abortion, Chance didn't look at the sonogram photo of the baby that was quite possibly his, but he wasn't sure... no matter, the thought of what could have been was enough to do Chance in. After she had died of an OD, he was in denial, which evolved into self-blame, then to survivor's guilt, then recently to remorse for the things he couldn't have changed.

Losing friends and family hasn't grown any easier for Chance, he just learns how to hide the pain a little better than before, that is, until it all comes pouring out when just the right song plays and Chance starts getting deep in his fells and can't pull himself out.

Chance suffers from traumatic flashbacks that stem from his haunting memories of his dad attempting to shoot him with a shot gun, and holding a knife up against Chance's stomach after wildly lunging it at him, trying to stab him.

It was bad enough with all the fighting Chance did growing up and going to one of the toughest school's in the hood. Kids were choke slammed out of class by teachers more than should have been allowed, with Chance even being a victim of a Houston teacher that had picked him up by the throat and had attempted to choke slam him, but Chance wasn't about to let that happen. He had faced adversity all his life already while growing up fighting some of the toughest people around, but this was not the end to it, there would still be plenty of adversity Chance was left to face. Homelessness, even more combative teachers in school, shortage of money and work, yet, Chance found a way to bounce back every time.

Chance's biggest bounce-back was whenever he was given really tough charges to face for a mistake Chance had made when he was still younger, less mature, and all the while he thought he was invincible. Chance didn't let getting knocked down that hard stop him from regaining his balance and gracious stride. He chose to take it a step further by bouncing back 5 times as hard as he had fallen, and that's when Chance had his first taste at major success. The major success would validate his smaller successes building up to this point. If Chance could face the giant on this one and beat it, he could do the same in any given situation and bounce back even harder than anyone had bounced back ever before.

Now Chance is working on a movie that's a first project for almost everyone involved in the project, but not everyone. Chance already has key players in the industry looking at this film project and the script isn't even 100% done yet! This is an exciting time for Chance, with the film coming, the new music he's produced whether it be acoustic/singing or trap/electronic/rapping, and a new Vape Store coming called Puma Vapor. Be sure to check back soon to see what else about Chance you might learn!