About My Dad Brad Trahan

About My Dad Brad Trahan:

My dad died last year.

He was having surgery and his heart bled out on the operating table. He did hard drugs or drank alcohol every single day, whatever he could get his hands on that day. Whatever he could do, he was all about it, but he was picky. He loved playing guitar and singing and watching TV, those were the top 3 in his list of major obsessions during this lifetime. But his #1 was a gun and how to use it. 1 gun is all he needed, and several bullets stashed away in a drawer. The whole bottom of the drawer just riddled with bullets sliding around it by the dozens. To him, it ensured that he would never be messed with while he was at home. He was such a strange person to me, that I was relieved when he was gone

But then he haunted me one afternoon while I was sleeping. Cabinet doors started slamming and all of this madness was going on. When I woke up from all of the noises and sense of urgency I was under, I could hardly even squint to keep my eyes open. And then I saw my dad walk out of the darkness of the kitchen. But he wasn’t saying anything tho. But I was talking to him. I kept saying I was sorry, and begging and pleading with him, and all it did was remind me of something he used to say all the time.


Don’t walk away mad, baby, just walk away..


One time we all went over to his house and brought a guitar, and my old band out there in Louisiana, well the guitarist of our unnamed band brought his son, and his son just kept playing the acoustic guitar the whole time. So, my dad was like…


“Hey, can you play something themed after the way I say it?”


The guitarist’s son says…


“Yeah, I can try.”


So my dad suggests funny things like, playing a snake slithering through the grass, and all of this wildly colorful stuff. And afterwards, we were all just looking at him, my dad… and he just has this major meltdown. He gives me a hug, he’s crying like a baby all over me, and I had never seen the man cry before, maybe once when I was a kid. My dad tho, he put his head in my lap and just cried like a baby. And that was the last time I ever saw my dad…

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